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March 21, 2023

Elections throughout Europe

Austerity-hit Lithuania votes in general elections

Austerity-weary Lithuanians voted on Sunday in general elections, with the incumbent center-right government expected to fall. Center-left Social Democrats have promised to raise the minimum wage and hike taxes on the rich, Deutsche Welle reports. Lithuanian voters cast their ballots on Sunday, with opinion polls indicating that the ex-Soviet Baltic state will likely install a center-left government after years of austerity.

Czech Social-Democrats ahead in regional elections

After the counting of three-quarters of votes in regional elections in the Czech Republic, the opposition Social Democrats are ahead in 10 of the 13 regions being contested, Radio Prague informs. The Civic Democrats, who head the right-of-centre Czech government, are so far topping the polls in one region, as are the Mayors for Liberec Region group and the Communist Party. Prior to the weekend’s elections, the Social-Democrats held power in all 13 regions. Prague is the only region where voting has not taken place. Voter turnout reached 35.6 percent. In terms of national breakdown per party with three-quarters of votes counted, the Social Democrats had received 24.2, the Communists 20.9 percent, the Civic Democrats 11.9 percent, the Christian Democrats 9.8 percent and TOP 09 6.3 percent.


Voting begins in Montenegrin parliamentary election

Montenegrins voted in the parliamentary elections on Sunday to choose members of the 81-seat parliament, B92.net informs. Polls opened on Sunday morning across Montenegro and there are no irregularities. 13 political subjects were taking part in the Sunday election – seven coalitions, five parties and a group of citizens. 514,055 citizens are eligible to vote.

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