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October 22, 2021

The unexpected confessions of the former Sibex chief, in 3 letters

“I am in Iceland; I left from fear,” Cristian Sima confessed, adding that he feels threatened by an important client. Sima – possibly an informant of former Securitate – also says that he is morally responsible and he will try to compensate his clients’ losses.

The row involving the former chief of Sibex continues, with absolutely amazing evolutions occurring since Thursday evening. When everybody thought him missing, he surfaced in a phone talk live on Realitatea TV. Then, like in a crime novel, a series of letters appeared, same as – inevitably – important names from politics and business. Among others, we learn that Cristian Sima allegedly was an informant of former Securitate, with the code name ‘Toma Caragiu.’ The Sibiu County Police Inspectorate (IPJ) explains that no complain or report has been filed so far against Cristian Sima, either by his family or by other people or institutions that may have suffered losses because of his activity. As for Sima’s supposed disappearance, as long as police received no missing person complaint, there is no legal basis for issuing a national or international search warrant on his name.Cristian Sima, the former head of the Sibiu Commodities Exchange (Sibex), appeared Friday evening live on TV, claiming that was in Reykjavik (Iceland) and he left the country from fear, because he was demanded to give up all his assets, after he lost his clients’ money.“I left because of the high pressure put upon me. The pressure had reached the peak. I traded poorly and I lost the money. I fear physically. I fear because when you lose the money of clients, they may take revenge. I lost the money. I made the risky transactions on my own. I tried to save myself each day,” Sima said. An even more interesting confession refers to having received “threatening phone calls since the referendum started” and he understood outright that he had to sell Hotnews, else he would no longer be allowed to do business in Romania. “I will return, but I don’t know when. I don’t even know what I will do tomorrow,” he said with a shaky voice. He blamed himself for the loss and said that he is morally responsibly and will try to compensate his clients.He also confessed that he cannot say who demanded him to give up everything he has, in order to be allowed “a fresh start.” Asked whether the demand was made “in a gangsters’ way” or just to cover the losses, Sima said this was something “to the limit.” He also denied that the threats come from “the political circles” or from his rivals. Asked if he feels himself threatened by some clients, he confirmed. He added that he had “very rich and powerful clients” from Romania, and being in Iceland makes him feel more protected. Sima added that he would not trust entering a witness protection programme in Romania.

The unclear epistles also bring new secrets to surface

On Thursday night, Cristian Sima sent Hotnews.ro a letter in which he claimed that he had only CHF 2,500 and 3 blocked credit cards, and being on a plane crossing the Atlantic was filling him with a strange peace. Later, in a second letter, he gave some information about his clients, while in a third epistle he claims that he is neither on the run, nor in hiding, and if all the clients of WBS Holding withdrew the invested capital, he would need an additional EUR 2 M and some USD 2 M to cover the entire sum.From the letter, we also learn that the former Sibex chief met PSD deputy Viorel Hrebenciuc twice, which can allegedly be demonstrated with SMS text messages. In a previous letter sent by Sima last Friday, he said that he was introduced to Hrebenciuc after he initially resorted to former Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu. Sima claims he told Hrebenciuc that he needs SIFs to cease their attacks on Sibex and complained about the troubles experienced by WBS Holding because of massive withdrawals. He called Gabriela Anghelache, who was with Paul Miclaus in the CNVM office, and also CNVM commissary Dorina Mihailescu, who was in Frankfurt with Mugur Isarescu, but was due to return the next day, and he formally asked them to delay the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGA) until clarifying what was going on. “I formally ask you to postpone the AGA, because I feel unruly things are going on there,” he recollects having said. “The CNVM meeting the next day started at the AGA at 11 AM and ended at 3 AM, when I received the fax about the AGA being postponed,” he wrote. Subsequently, he sent another letter in which he disclosed information about his clients, while in the third he claimed that he did not run and does not hide, and if all the clients of WBS Holding withdrew the invested capital, he would need an additional EUR 2 M and some USD 2 M to cover the entire sum.After the letters surfaced, Dorina Mihailescu denied having talked with Hrebenciuc about postponing the meeting of the Sibex AGA which was expected to vote on revoking the managers, and said she only talked with him on other occasions, about completing the legislation also with regard to concerted actions. She added that she talked with Viorel Hrebenciuc in his position of vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies. In his turn, Hrebenciuc told ‘Gandul’ that he does not understand why his name appears in the letters sent by Cristian Sima, whom he accused of “rambling.”The reactions to the letters sent by Cristian Sima did not delay to appear. Public persons from Romania told on Realitatea TV what they gained from the investments made by Cristian Sima and what they lost. Fashion designer Mihai Albu, a collaborator of Cristian Sima, admitted having invested and gained money with him, and said he had a very good relation with the broker. Albu admitted that he signed with WBS Holding and was aware of the company’s situation, while also trusting Cristian Sima. “Why do we wonder when a stockbroker loses a smaller or larger sum? We had access to the account and password, we could see the situation, whether there was any gain or not. The gains were USD 40-50 a week. When I needed money, he paid.”In his turn, former Finance minister Daniel Daianu invested EUR 280,000 in the “business” managed by Cristian Sima, and seems to have accepted his loss: “What is there to recover when someone tells you that he lost everything,” evz.ro reports. He announced on Realitatea TV that he will file a criminal complaint against Cristian Sima.P

Presidency: Traian Basescu received no economic analysis

President Traian Basescu received no economic analysis made by Cristian Sima, nor was he counselled by the broker, while the presidential advisors did not present to the head of state materials received from him, the Presidential Administration informs in a press release. According to his own statements, presidential advisor Iulian Fota, former presidential advisor Alexandra Gatej and former Justice minister Catalin Predoiu did not present to President Traian Basescu verbally or in writing, materials (e-mails, analyses) they received from Cristian Sima.In a letter to Hotnews attributed to Cristian Sima, the former chief of the Sibiu exchange, who could no longer be contacted since October 1, claims that he sent a report to Traian Basescu, via Alexandra Gatej, Catalin Predoiu and Iulian Fota.


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