Ballet “Don Quixote”, at Bucharest National Opera

The ballet “Don Quixote” (Ludwig Minkus), directed and choreographed by Jaroslav Slavicky, will be performed at the Bucharest National Opera House (ONB), tomorrow, 7 PM. Inspired by the eponymous novel written by Cervantes, the ballet “Don Quixote” tells the story of two young lovers enjoying the protection of the famous knight, depicting events including comic situations and spectacular dance numbers.  The performance will feature both established and young ballet dancers and ballerinas, among whom Mihai Mezei, Antonel Oprescu, Razvan Marinescu, Virgil Ciocoiu, Catalin Caracas, Rin Okuno, Sena Hidaka, Marina Minoiu (debut), Mariya Lozanova, Camelia Soare, Raul Oprea, Ileana Sora (debut). The music directors are Vlad Conta and Ciprian Teodorascu.

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