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November 30, 2022

Becali’s controversial candidacy gets tough reactions

ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt claims Becali will have to be “educated a bit,” while Vadim Tudor and MRU state that Antonescu should be ashamed of “obliterating” the Liberal tradition.

The candidacy of PNG President and MEP Gigi Becali in the December 9 general elections continues to create controversy. Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the ALDE Group within the European Parliament (EP), stated yesterday that Becali will have to be “educated a bit” because the EU is a community of values that defends society against discrimination and xenophobia. “We have different kinds of MPs within the EP, it’s normal, this is democracy. Within the EP we find them all, from the left to the right wing, from conservatives to the most progressive forces, from Eurosceptics to pro-Europeans. This is the EP. Parliament is the translation of various trends which one fights for in society,” the ALDE leader stated, being quoted by Mediafax. In his turn, former premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the leader of Liberal MPs within the Lower Chamber, stated that he prefers remaining “out of fashion” and to believe in values and principles, namely in people that manipulate ideas, not in those that manipulate sheep (a hint to the fact that Becali made a fortune out of sheepherding early in his business career). Former Liberal MP and presidential aide Adriana Saftoiu criticized yesterday on RFI the Liberals’ decision to back Becali in the general elections, stating that the basis of the future collaboration between PNL and PNG is “a very cynical calculus that is not helping PNL overall.” “We’ve ended up fighting Dan Diaconescu with Gigi Becali, although I am now finding out that Mr. Dan Diaconescu will no longer run in the general elections, he is aiming for the presidential elections instead, so I expect Gigi Becali to become PNL’s presidential candidate too if this was the calculus,” Saftoiu ironically stated, being quoted by realitatea.net.On the other hand, MEP Corneliu Vadim Tudor stated on Monday evening on Realitatea TV that he cannot be angry with Gigi Becali for entering an alliance with USL. He stated that PNL President Crin Antonescu is the one with a problem because he is “obliterating” the Liberal tradition. “The problem is not Gigi’s, he can do anything because he is something else. The problem is Crin Antonescu’s. (…) Nobody gives you the right to mock the glory or the tradition of the Bratianu family,” the MEP stated. Vadim added that Becali allegedly gave EUR 100,000 to PNL Vice President Relu Fenechiu: “It’s a shame that Mr. Crin Antonescu is selling PNL. Large sums of money are rumored and it’s not normal. Politics is turning into dealing. (…) I know, and Gigi can claim otherwise, that he allegedly paid – I’m not very sure – EUR 100,000 to Relu Fenechiu. Whether he did or didn’t is their business.” In his turn, Civic Force President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (MRU) says that Becali’s candidacy on behalf of PNL is a political barter arranged by Crin Antonescu whose political fantasy knows no bounds. “If I were him I’d be ashamed to look at the portraits of the Bratianu family,” Ungureanu stated. On the other hand, PC Vice President Bogdan Ciuca claims that the decision to place Becali on the USL lists is strategically good and wise, pointing out that the PNG leader has his own electorate and can tackle Dan Diaconescu.Although it was decided that the PNG President will run in a District 6 electoral college in Bucharest, where PPDD President Dan Diaconescu will run too, PNL sources quoted by Mediafax claim that PNL Vice President Mircea Diaconu had another idea. According to the sources, Diaconu allegedly proposed to the party’s leadership for Becali to be given an electoral college in Neamt or Arad in order to run against Elena Udrea or Mihai Razvan Ungureanu. “He (Becali) has to be useful in a college in which he can defeat a PDL heavyweight, in which he can snatch their votes,” the PNL Vice President allegedly stated during the party’s Central Political Bureau (BPC) meeting on Monday morning.

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