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December 7, 2022

President praises the report on the condemnation of communism

The head of state participated in the launch of a new volume dedicated to the study of dictatorship in Romania called ‘The history of communism in Romania. Documents Nicolae Ceausescu (1965-1971)’.

President Traian Basescu, who participated in the release of the second volume of ‘The history of communism in Romania. Documents Nicolae Ceausescu (1965-1971)’ yesterday, said the report on the condemnation of communism was one of the most inspired and correct actions of the Presidential Administration. ‘In support with documents from the national archives of the report on December 18, 2006, I declared the communist regime illegitimate and illegal. (…) The presidential umbrella held above historians was one of the most inspired and correct actions of the presidential administration in the two terms,’ Traian Basescu stressed during the event at the Romanian Peasant Museum. ‘It is not an exaggeration to say that I put above the processes of state modernisation, be they justice codes, the labour codes, wage law, pension law or the recovery of Black Sea areas the report on the condemnation of communism, because here we have the explanation for many things happening today, from our dissatisfaction with the divide between Romania and the countries where there has been no communism (…) to attitudes and mentalities still not adapted to Romania’s new road,’ Traian Basescu added. ‘I wouldn’t like to end without telling you that I have no merit whatsoever in the setting up of this commission (for the writing of the report on the communist regime – o.n.). There had been months of talks with the civil society because, at that stage, I wasn’t aware of the importance of this report either. (…) These people, who are now under attack and discredited by a propaganda recalling past times – Plesu, Liiceanu, Cartarescu, Horia Roman Patapievici – convinced me to assume the foundation of the commission and the work of this commission,’ the president also noted. ‘I gave in to intelligence and I understood that what those people were proposing to me was correct and had to be done’, Traian Basescu added. At the event, Traian Basescu noted that he would like the three planned volumes to also be published. ‘I cannot demand that all three of the are published, but I can hope at least the third volume covering the period from ‘72 onwards will’, Basescu said. He noted that it would also be the period that would best explain what Romanians were like at present. ‘I dare say – and I wouldn’t like to cause uproar or questions – but I think that, if I am right and if we add two and three volumes, the result is five volumes of documents. I am convinced we till need the sixth volume covering the effects of communism after the 1989 Revolution, which we still see today,’ Basescu said. ‘The history of communism in Romania. Documents Nicolae Ceausescu (1965-1971)’ is part of a series of volumes that are annexes to the Final Report of the Presidential Commission for the Analysis of Communist Dictatorship in Romania. The second volume covers the beginning of the period when Nicolae Ceausescu led the country. It contains 102 documents and is focused on the transfer of power to the new First Secretary, Nicolae Ceausescu, who, after the 19th Congress, became Secretary General.

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