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January 23, 2022

“Dance la Odeon” Project returns with coupe-show

The “Dance at Odeon” Project, started in  2001 by dancer and choreographer Razvan Mazilu, aimed at bringing the Romanian and world professional dance art to public attention , returns with a coup-show signed by Vlad Merariu and Daniela Hesiade.

The event contains the shows “No. 1 High Park Address” by Vlad Merariu and “Nostalgia” by Daniela Hasiade.Vlad Merariu’s “No. 1 High Park Address” is a pseudonym of relived moments, address, the place where apparently insignificant moments are stored, ideas rooted in subconscious and which change our values, according to the theater presentation.  ‘Nostalgia’ speaks about the past exactly because I constantly feel the need to speak about the past – to remember. ‘Nostalgia’ speaks about stories that happened and feelings lived, stories to which characters are craving to return to,” Daniela Hasiade said in a press release.In the season 2012-2013, Odeon Theater focuses on young dancers and choreographers graduates of the Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography (UNATC), whose performances will be hosted by the theater’s Studio Hall.Razvan Mazilu, author of the “Dance at Odeon” project, believes that it is quite important for young newcomers to get credit and confidence.The “Dance at Odeon” program is the most lasting program dedicated to dance in a drama theater, says choreographer Razvan Mazilu.“The program, which has been running since 2001, produced extraordinary galas of dance, coupe-shows Dance at Odeon 1, 2 and 3, Un Tango Mas, Block Bach, Light Shadows, Depeche Dance, also being host to various festivals and productions invited on the stage of the Odeon Theater. The program’s theater productions have been invited to many international tours in France, Belgium, Israel, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy,” Razvan Mazilu said.The coupe-show will be performed at the Studio Hall of the Odeon Theater on October 25, 7.30 p.m.Tickets are priced at RON 21.20 and 12.72.

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