22.9 C
May 6, 2021

Cold weather settles in this weekend

Temperatures will suffer sudden decrease and the first snow is expected in Maramures, Moldavia and in the mountains.

Meteorologists say the average thermal regime will remain slightly higher than multi-annual averages of the period in the region of Muntenia until October 26. Between October 26 and October 29, the weather will become cold, with averages 2 Celsius degrees and highs of about 8 Celsius degrees, characterising an especially cold weather for that time of the year. Between October 30 and 2 November, air temperatures will gradually grow back to normal levels in the November 2-5 period. The probability of precipitation in more important quantities and on extended areas grows between October 27 and October 29, but, afterwards, the rainfalls will be in smaller quantities and on much smaller areas. Air temperatures in the mountains will be relatively constant, with average day-time highs of about 10 Celsius degrees until October 26 when the weather will become much colder. On October 29, highs will be around zero Celsius degrees during the day and -6 Celsius degrees during the night. In the second part of the interval, the weather will become gradually warmer and the temperatures will go back to normal levels for the first tend days of November. The probability of more important precipitations will be higher in the October 27-29 period when the snow will be predominant. After that, the rain will be predominant, but in small quantities and on restricted areas. The snow will arrive in Romania this weekend, not only in the mountains, but also in Maramures and Moldavia, in the context of a sudden drop of temperatures by up to 12 Celsius degrees on October 26-27. In Moldavia, the average temperatures will be slightly higher than the normal climatologic averages until October 26, when they will start to decrease every day until October 29, when day-time highs will be around 6 Celsius degrees and night-time lows around zero Celsius degrees. After October 30-31, it will warm up gradually to normal temperatures in the November 2-5 interval when average temperatures will be 13 Celsius degrees during the day and 4 Celsius degrees at night.

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