Sibiu gets ready for World Music Festival

Launched in 2007 – during the programme ‘Sibiu – Luxembourg, the European Cultural Capital’ – the event represents a festival of “happiness and tolerance between the ethnic communities of Europe and Romania, an example of cohabitation, of intercultural and interethnic space.”

The event will be held Friday to Sunday, at the Gong Theatre of Sibiu. This year’s edition of the Sibiu World Music Festival features recitals by Narcis Iustin Ianau – the favourite of the first edition of the show ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ aired by Pro TV – the ‘Trei Parale’ brass band, the bands Shannon Ceili Band (Ireland, Romania), Bordo Sarkany (Hungary), Biu Marquetti (Cuba, Peru, Chile, Colombia) and Amaro Del (Serbia). The artists will perform songs from the international and own repertories, traditional-folk creations in a modern interpretation. Participants will make known their culture, through the vision of the 21st Century artist, using a combination of traditional instruments and modern electronic devices.‘World Music’ is a musical genre of wide audience, destined to all categories of public, regardless of age, gender, political colour or ethnic background, easily adaptable to many types of personalities. The political capacity of juggling with various styles, rhythms, tunes and musical motifs also marks the improvisation character of the world music. It is a ‘cultural code’ that can be expressed by sounds, gesture, clothing, which stirred much controversy through the years, precisely because of this syncretism.The expression ‘world music’ proposes many perspectives owing to the variety of domains it collaborates with. The degree of receptiveness, openness towards the other, wish and need to learn and communicate have a particularly important role in this act of creation and of giving a new dimension to creation.The programme of Sibiu World Music Festival 2012: Friday, October 26: 7:00 PM – Shannon Ceili Band (Ireland, Romania), 8:30 PM – Bordo Sarkany (Hungary); Saturday, October 27: 7:00 PM – Narcis Iustin Ianau (Romania),  8:30 PM – Biu Marquetti (Cuba, Peru, Chile, Colombia); Sunday, October 28: 7:00 PM – Trei Parale (Romania), 8:30 PM – Amaro Del (Serbia).The Sibiu World Music Festival is a cultural project financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony.

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