Sorin Blejnar: A bit of backstairs influence doesn’t mean intercession

Sorin Blejnar, former head of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF), continued the series of statements that started during the week-end, dropping a new “bombshell,” namely that “a bit of backstairs influence doesn’t mean intercession.” “I’ll give you an example. One guy asks me to receive a document five minutes after the closing hour. The man wants to pay his taxes. If I receive the document the state will have the money today, if not the man will pay a fine along with the taxes. This is an example of backstairs influence, positive backstairs influence. If I were to call the clerk and tell him “withhold a document with today’s date because that guy will come tomorrow to pay,” then that would be intercession,” Blejnar stated, being quoted by gandul.info. Nevertheless, he reiterated that during the time he spent at the helm of ANAF he did not appoint friends and relatives of politicians in office, all appointments in offices for which the institution he led was responsible being legal. “There were no fixes. They were appointed on the basis of their CVs,” the former head of ANAF stated. On the other hand, Blejnar claims that his file, handled by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), is political in nature and the 213 phone call transcripts include the transcripts of phone conversations he had with his family, conversations that have no relevance for the case. “I talked with the Premier too. I don’t know whether he appears in the transcripts. This prosecutor made a selection as he pleased. He picked two and left three aside,” he said. Asked for his opinion on how President Traian Basescu will come out of the transcripts row, Blejnar stated: “as a statesman preoccupied with collecting the debts that companies owe to the state.” Asked who “the godfather” that appears in the transcripts is, Blejnar stated that he does not know. “Traian Basescu is not my godfather,” the former head of ANAF added.

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