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August 1, 2021

Hunor: Any subject can be discussed in a democratic country, including federalization

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor claims that any political subject can be discussed in a normal, democratic and European country, hence even the idea of federalizing Romania, pointing out that federal states “are not of the devil.” “There are a lot of federal states in the European Union, states that work perfectly and whose citizens are happy. Federal states are not of the devil, they are realities, registering substantial economic growth. Only if you think of Germany or Austria you’ll realize that people there are not less happy than in Romania.” The UDMR President added that his party will not reveal its campaign slogan for the time being because several days ago it witnessed “an identity theft” from PPMT, pointing out that PPMT banners with UDMR’s colors appeared in several counties. Referring to the elections, Kelemen stated that only two UDMR candidates have criminal files but that UDMR considers them innocent as long as no irrevocable rulings have been issued against them. He added that he will meet PCM’s new leader Biro Zsolt this week, in order to talk not about candidacies but about “concrete things,” because “there is life after December 9 too.” Referring to Leonard Orban’s candidacy for the European Court of Auditors, the UDMR President stated that he does not believe PDL lobbied against Orban, adding that “there were others who were refused too, so it’s not a tragedy.” Nevertheless, he expressed his regret that the minister did not receive the number of votes needed in order to be appointed in that office.

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