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March 28, 2023

Two Romanians at Vienna “Eyes On” International Photography Festival

Romanian artists Sabina Ulubeanu and Catalin Cretu will participate at the Vienna “Eyes On” International Photography Festival Oct 30 – Nov 30.

With five editions under its belt, 800 annual candidatures from throughout the world and 225 projects selected in 2012, the “Eyes On” International Photography Festival makes Vienna into the European capital of photographic art.  The Sabina Ulubeanu and Catalin Cretu exhibition – “Creation: Space and Memory Games”, can be seen by the Viennese public Nov 1-27. In this full digital age where any visual work is available for consequent intervention, a new visual spin,    Sabina Ulubeanu – a composer and photographer  – and Catalin Cretu – composer and multi-media artist – approach the festival in musical fashion.The Arrangement” of the photographic works forms a score encoding the work and inviting interpretation. And, since performing the score means a stage and an instrument, it all takes place in a street window-shop -Schikaneder Club&Kino (a genuine institution of the Viennese  alternative  scene) – with the help of a computer, a digital interface through which the public can interact with the works on display. The visitor, in a window-shop, before a keyboard, becomes part of the exhibition right from the start and is invited to visually transform any of the shown photographs, to improvise, create their own spatial fantasy, and even project themselves in real time in the new photograph that they created. Sabina Ulubeanu’s photographs examines inner spaces, fleeting figures that become one with the background, assumed portraits, broad or quite narrow exteriors filtered through various opaque objects, glass and textiles.  The exhibition will open On Nov 1, 7 p.m., with Catalin Cretu – who received his Ph.D. in Music from the National University of Music Bucharest (UNMB) – in the DJ seat.The exhibition “Creation: Space and Memory Games” is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, in cooperation with the UNMB Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia Center.

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