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May 22, 2022

“Turkish businessmen are looking to invest in IT&C, agriculture, tourism”

Interview with Mr. Omer Susli, Administrative Board Member within the World Turkish Council.

Which are the main economic fields covered by Turkish investors in Romania and which are those that could be interesting for Turkish investors in the future?

Turkish businessmen came to Romania from early 90 ties and found possibilities to invest in Romania. Today we see Turkish investments in industry, in trade, in banking and financial services, in health sector, in processing wood, in manufacturing long lasting household products, in education, in tourism, etc. Companies like Arctic, Prolemn, Garanti Bank, Rulmentul Barlad, medical clinics are well known nationally and internationally as important contributors to Romania’s GDP. Sectors as energy, IT&C ,  agriculture, tourism are fields in which Turkish businessmen are looking for new investments.

Which is the amount of Turkish investments in Romania in the present?

By Romanian official statistic data Turkish investments in Romania are situated around a volume of cca.600 million dollars. In reality the volume of Turkish investments is much bigger because many investments are made by Turkish companies from other countries as Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium. Total Turkish investments in Romania through other countries are over 5 billion Euros.


How could be those investments be increased?

The Turkish companies are here for a very long period of time, they will not change their location. Today many companies have increased their activity, either by growing the initial capacity, either by bringing new products in production, diversifying their object of activity and markets.

What can you tell about the events (economic forums, conferences, etc) TIAD is organising in Romania and maybe also in Turkey?

TIAD put as one very important task in its activity the development and diversification of bilateral relation between Turkey and Romania. We were, we are and we will be always an important actor in organization and / or participation to all kind of economic and commercial forums, conferences ,symposiums, debating problems concerning development of economic, trade, social and cultural relations between our two countries.To give you recent data, TIAD organized a ,,Romanian Day” in May in Ankara together with Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Ankara Chamber of Industry, promoting Romania as a place where is OK-ay to invest and trade.On October 30th we shall organize a Economic Forum in Bucharest with participation of Balkan Turkish Businessmen Association from Balkan countries, together with Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, event which will enjoy the presence of Romanian prime minister and ministers of transport, regional development and business environment. Such a Forum will bring together businessmen from Romania, Turkey and neighboring countries.

How do you describe the relation with Romanian authorities?

In Romania TIAD have very good relation with government, governmental and nongovernmental institutions, patronages and business organizations. We always in our meetings with authorities underlined the necessity of a predictable and long lasting legislation, of implementation of measures which contribute to the development of economy. We as businessmen and businessmen association want to have possibility to project our activity not only for today or tomorrow but for a longer period which is on the benefit of Romania and ours.


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