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March 27, 2023

Lucia Hossu Longin, declared incompatible by the ANI

ANI claims that Lucia Hossu Longin, a member representing PNL in the Board of the Romanian Television Society (SRTV) and well-known TV producer of series about communism, was in a situation of incompatibility during June 29, 2010 – March 30, 2011, when she was also the manager of the company SC Letti Lou Film SRL. ANI explained that the evaluations started on June 19, 2012 and Lucia Hossu Longin was informed on June 26 and September 12 about the start of these procedures.On the other hand, Lucia Hossu Longin says that, so far, she received no notification from ANI regarding a state of incompatibility. Furthermore, she describes the Agency’s decision in her case as “stupid,” because her company ‘Letti Lou Film’ has been inactive ever since its founding. Meanwhile, the people that really are in situations of incompatibility are allowed to “escape,” while “modest people that own no wealth are declared incompatible.” “My colleagues have dozens of companies each, but nobody sees them. I know why they picked me; yet it is stupid for – let’s say – Mrs. Udrea to have no incompatibility, while modest people, without wealth, to have such problems,” Hossu Longin said. She added that she will sue ANI in court, “if they have nothing else to do.” She also suggested that ANI’s decision is politically motivated. “I was expecting this to happen after my latest intervention during the <<Secvential>> show, when I talked about Mr. Basescu and Mrs. Macovei. I do not think that I am incompatible (with the position of member of the Board), because I had no contract, our company was inactive since the very beginning.”

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