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October 22, 2021

More 45 CFR ‘godfathers’ taken in for questioning

The investigation in the case of the network of railway check men, the so called ‘godfathers’, is expanding. Other 45 CRF employees were escorted by the investigators from the Bucharest, Brasov, Craiova and Iasi regional CFR departments to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Brasov Tribunal for questioning yesterday. Thirty-four CFR workers who had been arrested the day before yesterday were taken in court with arrest proposals. Mediafax informs that yesterday morning the investigators took into custody approximately 20 check men, train supervisors or inspectors from the Bucharest department of CFR Calatori and ten CFR Craiova employees – train chiefs, check men and an inspector and drove them to the prosecutor’s office for questioning. CFR workers from Iasi and Brasov were also taken in for questioning. Meanwhile, 35 of the 43 CFR employees who had been heard by the Brasov prosecutors on Monday were taken before a Brasov Tribunal court with the arrest proposal for taking and giving bribe, association for the commission of crimes and disclosure of information. The CFR Calatori headquarters and several railway regional offices were raided several times last Thursday and employees were taken into custody and escorted in for questioning on suspicion of corruption. A total of 81 railway workers were questioned and 70 of them were arrested by the Brasov prosecutors on charges of bribery and association for the commission of criminal offences. The Brasov Tribunal on Friday declined all the remand proposals made for the 70 CFR Calatori employees arrested for corruption and abuse, but banned most of them from leaving the country.

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