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April 18, 2021

EC: Senate decision in Mircea Diaconu case is regrettable

European Commission (EC) spokesperson Mark Gray claims that the Commission regrets the fact that the Romanian Senate decided on Tuesday not to apply the High Court of Justice (ICCJ) ruling in the case of PNL Senator Mircea Diaconu, thus allowing the Senator to finish his term, tvrinfo.ro informs. The Senate rejected the National Integrity Agency’s (ANI) request to terminate Senator Diaconu’s mandate. According to Gray, the Senators’ decision “runs counter to the Commission’s recommendation which asks the MPs who are found incompatible by final court rulings to resign,” recommendation included in the MCV report published in July. Mark Gray added that the Commission will continue to closely monitor these issues and warned that it is important for the rule of law for court rulings to be strictly implemented.Present in Bucharest yesterday, European Parliament President Martin Schulz stated that the high court’s rulings have to be respected but refused making any other comments on the Senate’s decision to vote against terminating Diaconu’s mandate as Senator. “From what I know, no court ruling is saying that Mircea Diaconu should lose his mandate,” the deputy leader of PNL MPs within the Lower Chamber stated. In his turn, President Traian Basescu did not make any statements on this issue. “I won’t comment,” the Head of State said.“The EC has a lot of subjective approaches,” Eugen Nicolaescu, deputy leader of PNL MPs within the Lower Chamber, stated, adding that “the MCV is a mechanism applied to Romania because Romania doesn’t want to kneel before the European Commission.” “Normally, in such a situation the EC should honestly promote dialogue with member states, it shouldn’t act as an inspector that comes and tells you whether you’re good or bad, that gives you certificates of good behavior. I believe this is a fundamental mistake on EC’s part, the fact that it takes such a position,” Nicolaescu stated yesterday on RFI. Moreover, he pointed out that, through the decision they took on Tuesday, the Senators have remained consistent with the way in which they treated the case. “The Senate allowed Mircea Diaconu to hold the two offices, it could not have distanced itself from its own decision,” the Liberal explained. He asked ANI to respect the Senate’s decision: “Parliament’s decisions are mandatory for all state institutions from a legislative point of view, but ANI considers itself above them and does what it wants.” According to realitatea.net, ANI notified the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) yesterday. “CSM will analyze our request. I’m sure the Constitutional Court will be notified, being asked to settle this conflict,” ANI President Horia Georgescu stated on Tuesday evening.

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