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March 29, 2023

“Reforesting Romania!” – major tree planting campaign at country scale

Saturday marked the debut of one of the biggest reforestation operations in Romania, the national tree planting campaign named ‘Reforesting Romania!’, initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. The purpose of the project is to reforest several areas situated in most Romanian counties with over 26 million saplings, according to a release by the ministry. The Minister of Environment and Forest, Rovana Plumb launched the event in Sotanga, Dambovita County – a very vulnerable zone, with more than 100 hectares of damaged lands. The action ‘Reforesting Romania!’ will take place during the entire month of November and the project reflects a very pressing issue in Romania – mass deforestation caused by illegal tree cutting, aridity and desertification. “Forests are a pride for Romania and, these years, we have witnessed their gradual disappearance, as they fell prey to illegal tree cuts, often with the complicity of authorities. This government has the goodwill and determination of saving the forests of the country and restore those we lost,” Rovana Plumb mentioned.

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