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September 25, 2021

Dreaming about being in Parliament and being on easy street

A few examples are probative. One of the richest candidates is MEP George Becali who will stand for election to the Parliament in Bucharest, for PNL. According to the statement obtained by Mediafax, the businessman owns 340 hectares of farmland in Voluntari, Otopeni, Balotesti and Pitesti, 22 hectares of forested land in Voluntari and 24 hectares of land inside built-up areas in District 1 and District 2 in Bucharest. On the other hand, the landlord declared he has lent over EUR 56 M. The quoted source however notes that the MEP does not include in his financial disclosure either his ‘palace’ downtown Bucharest, in Aleea Alexandru, or his house in Pipera.Becali also has various pieces of jewelry and watches worth EUR 300,000, but also a bloc of flats in Zimnicea, including 100 social homes under development, valued at EUR 1,000,000. He also has six five-storey blocs with a total area of 84,775 square meters.Professor Vlad Nistor, USL’s candidate representing PNL for a seat in the Senate in a Bucharest electoral district, owns totally or in part eight apartments, a holiday home and commercial space in Bucharest, Constanta or Botosani, according to the financial disclosure he has submitted to the Municipal Electoral Bureau (BEM). Nistor also has a Mitsubishi Lancer passenger vehicle bought in 2011, various works of art not evaluated by specialists, most of them inherited from his father and aunt, estimated to be worth EUR 40,000. In the last fiscal year, Vlad Nistor had an income of RON 140,506 paid by the Bucharest

University where he worked as a professor and project manager. Sandra Pralong (photo), PNTCD candidate for the Senate in a Bucharest district on ARD’s lists, owns an apartment in New York, another one in Lausanne (Switzerland), an A Cass Mercedes and jewellery worth USD 30,000 according to her financial disclosure filed with BEM. She owns a 60 sq m apartment in New York, which she purchased in 1987, a 120 sq m apartment in Lausanne – Switzerland, purchased in 1982, a 100 sq m apartment in Constanta, bought in 2011, a 120 sq m apartment in Bucharest, bought in 1997 and another one with the surface of 220 sq m also in Bucharest, obtained following the donation of an inherited land that was recovered in year 2000 to a real estate developer that built an apartment building. She also has a debt of CHF 300,000 towards Helvetia Assurance Vie (Mortgage) contracted in 1992 and maturing in 2020.The vice-president of the Civic Force, Dan-Cristian Popescu, the candidate of ARD for a mandate of deputy in District 2 of Bucharest, declares having two holiday houses at Hollywood, over RON 10 M in accounts, as well as shares in energy companies. Popescu also owns a Lexus automobile and jewels worth EUR 150,000, art and cult objects worth EUR 25,000, and watches worth EUR 50,000. The FC vice-president has five apartments in Bucharest, with surfaces between 33 and 84 sq m, and a family house in the Capital, with a surface of 104 sq m.Former premier Victor Ciorbea, USL candidate for the Senate in Bucharest, on behalf of PNL, has debts worth EUR 1,305,000 in total, resulting from a personal loan, three mortgage loans and a loan contract, according to the wealth statement he submitted to BEM. Ciorbea has annual incomes of RON 380,710 from his activity as lawyer and his wife – also a lawyer – obtains a similar sum.PP-DD leader Dan Diaconescu, who runs for a mandate of deputy in Constituency 6 Targu Jiu, against Victor Ponta, owns 9 in-town lands, most of them in Bucharest, and three houses, according to the wealth statement he submitted to BEJ. Diaconescu did not mention any car in his statement, but declared jewels worth EUR 50,000, which he acquired since year 2000. Diaconescu opened this year two accounts with EUR 132,000 and EUR 102,000 respectively. According to press information, the TV channel OTV owned in 2011 an impressive car fleet, which included a Rolls-Royce, two Bentleys, a convertible Mercedes and a SUV Infinity. Moreover, OTV also owned a two-seater airplane, a helicopter and a yacht.Sorin Rosca Stanescu, the PNL candidate for a mandate of senator in Dambovita, declares himself a retiree with debts of over EUR 3 M, maturing this year, but who owns a company worth RON 8 M. According to the wealth statement submitted by Sorin Rosca Stanescu, he owns 10,010 sq m of forested land in Ilfov County, which he purchased in 2008, and 13,458 sq m of in-town land in the same county, which he bought in 2010. He mentions that he constructed in Gruiu Commune 4 buildings with a total surface of 1,074 square metres, representing a holiday house. He also declares jewels worth EUR 30,000, art objects worth EUR 220,000 and 20 watches with the total value of EUR 30,000.

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