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September 27, 2020

PM Overseeing Body notifies DNA over CNAS illegalities

The alleged damage to the state budget amounts to nearly RON 190 M.

The Overseeing Body of the Prime Minister will notify the National Anti-corruption Directorate over alleged criminal deeds ascertained during an inspection at the National Health Insurance House (CNAS). According to the source quoted, officials of the CNAS and the Health Ministry have performed their job duties in poor fashion, as they did not cashed revenues worth RON 189.7 M in quarterly contributions corresponding for the interval between the fourth quarter of 2009 and the third quarter of 2010, resulting in a damage to the state budget via the Ministry of Health budget, Mediafax reports. The Overseeing Body will also notify the National Integrity Agency (ANI), as Molnar Geza, a Health Ministry adviser, was a member of both the CNAS Board of Administrators (CA) and of the Board of Administrators of medicine manufacturer SC Antibiotice Iasi SA, thus violating Law 95/2006 which bans the members of the CA of CNAS from holding positions at pharmaceutical companies. The inspectors will notify ANI over the case in order that the Agency looks into the findings.The Overseeing Body inspectors also learned that the CNAS General Assembly has not been convened since 2005, which runs against the provisions of the Government Emergency Ordinance on the organization and operation of the health social insurance system and the health reform law. During Jan 1, 2009 – March 31, 2012 Romania’s President and the former prime ministers have not nominated the representatives in the Board of Administrators of the CNAS, which, the inspectors say, is in violation of Law 95/2006 on health system reform. During June 16, 2011 – March 31, 2012 the CA of the CNAS operated illegally given it was only made up of 4, instead of 7, members, as the law required. Yet, extraordinary sessions usually attended by only 2 to 3 members passed decisions, in breach of the  Law 95/2006. Practically, the entire CNAS activity was decided by a mere 2 to 3 CA members, who, during June 16, 2011- March 31, 2012 passed 13 decisions at extraordinary sessions. Last May, Premier Victor Ponta relieved Lucian Duta of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) of his duties as CNAS president, accusing him of tendering the claw-back tax cashing invoices, creating a risk for medicine shortages. The premier announced he would demand that the Health Ministry and the bodies in charge investigate the activities of the former CNAS head. In his turn Lucian Duta (photo) told Mediafax that the claw-back tax in force since June 2010 has brought the state budget yearly revenues of EUR 300 M and the medicine manufacturers that haven’t paid that tax, should do so beginning with 2009. “The report by the PM Overseeing Body refers to the Emergency Ordinance 104 of October 2009 stipulating the collection of the claw-back tax from medicine manufacturers, with the proceeds going to the Health Ministry budget exclusively. The ordinance also stipulates its application norms should be drawn up within 15 days since the ordinance was issued, by a joint health minister –CNAS president order “. Former CNAS president Lucian Duta also said that by late October 2009, Ion Bazac, the health minister at the time, along with Prof. Dr.  Irinel Popescu, the then-president of the CNAS should have issued the norms, which only happened in June 2010, during the term in office of health minister Cseke Attila. Duta said that the CNAS should by no means be held accountable for norm publishing being delayed, and called the assertion that the delay incurred damage to the state budget “a lie”.

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