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September 26, 2021

ARD hopes to get Traian Basescu’s support in campaign

Alliance keeps future PM secret in case of winning election, but says it wants a smaller number of ministries.

PDL President Vasile Blaga said on the TV Monday night that a score of around 30 per cent for ARD in the parliamentary election would be very good, adding that an intervention by President Traian Basescu would bring benefits to the Alliance. When asked if he had talked to Traian Basescu about a possible statement by the president during this period, Blaga said he had not and that it had not even ‘occurred’ to him to suggest such thing. ‘We know it very clearly that he has the right to do that. At some stage, I even said that he had the obligation to do it. He has the right, according to CCR, to tell the people how he sees the nation. But he cannot see the nation any different than how everybody sees it, or, if I may,  people of common sense,’ the PDL president said on B1TV. The PDL leader noted that the president can only describe reality as it is. ‘And form this point of view, I have to admit in full honesty that this is fine by ARD. But the president is not a candidate. If the president wants to come out, he will speak about reality’, the democrat liberal noted. Asked whether this latest president appearance could lead to a new impeachment, Blaga said that, as long as one presents the de facto situation in the country, it doesn’t mean that they engage themselves in the election campaign. ‘I did not ask the president to engage in the campaign, so I am convinced this is not what interfering with the campaign means. On the other hand, if he wants to come out and talk about the de facto situation in Romania, he would be another voice showing that, indirectly, things are not right. How can things be good if Ponta has moved away in time another objective our governments had: adopting the euro in 2015?’ said the PDL president.

Promises, promises

The Righteous Romania Alliance yesterday presented its ruling programme. The main points ate the flat tax rate of 12 per cent, a minimum wage up to RON 850 in 2013 and to RON 1,000 in 2016, a reduction of social security contribution by 5 per cent as of 2015. ‘ARD will introduce one of the lowest income and corporate profit tax in the EU. The flat rate will decrease from 16 to 12 per cent’, states the ARD document where it is also noted that more money, more foreign investment will arrive to Romania, Romanian companies will be left with more money for development and every Romanian will have more money in the pocket thanks to the lower taxes. ARD also promises to end the cycle of political appointments of Constitutional Court judges as well as at the institution of the Ombudsman, to reliance education, etc. Its ‘Restart Romania’ programme was presented by the leader of PDL Bucharest and head of ARD campaign Adriean Videnau, in the presence of co-presidents Vasile Blaga and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and of other representatives of the alliance. Asked yesterday who would be the prime minister and finance minister who would implement the ARD ruling programme, Vasile Blaga answered: ‘You will see when the time comes’. Blaga was also asked if Adriean Videanu could be the ARD proposed prime minister. ‘Yes, Adriean can be one of our proposals. We have not made that decision, because we don’t want to run before our horse to market. The intention is to obtain a score that will allow us to be in the government, about 30 per cent’, was Vasile Blaga’s answer to a journalist question. In what regards his possible nomination, Blaga answered in a first phase: ‘No. I am the president of the PDL National Strategy Committee and I have coordinated the preparation of the ruling programme in the alliance.’ He also said the designation of the prime minister is the prerogative of the president of the country, after the party presidents make proposals. However, Videanu said possible ARD Cabinet would have 16 members and that many of the current ministries would be closed down, However not saying which.


Ex-PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu told Mediafax that the PDL’s promise to cut the flat tax to 12 per cent or to increase the minimum wage would have the same fate as the promise to increase teachers’ salaries. He also noted that a differentiated tax rate would only boost tax evasion. ‘Both measures are unrealistic and fall under the category of populist and demagogic promises, typical for an election campaign. Please remember that PDL promised to raise teachers’ wages by 50 per cent before the previous election, but cut them by 25 per cent instead. I would like to emphasise that this proposal about cutting the flat rate tax belongs to the same category,’ The PNL leader also said that, if PDL goes to power again, it will most likely increase taxes. Tariceanu added that, when it comes to raising the minimum wage, both ARD and USL should address the matter in a realistic manner and fairly towards the citizens. ‘The first thing that we, USL should do is to give guarantees that salaries will no be cut. We can only speak of raising salaries as we start to see economic growth. I would recommend the same thing to PDL, because an unsustainable pay rise will only be seen in inflation afterwards and what they would like to offer is a poisoned apple. So they’d better weigh their proposals ten times before launching them, because we are not naïve people, we have political experience and we all know what is hidden behind them’, Tariceanu also noted.



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