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May 16, 2021

Artists that collaborated with the Securitate

Actors, film and theatrical directors, TV stars met with the former communist secret police – the Securitate – on their way to celebrity. They received code names or wrote informative notes.

They are appreciated by millions of Romanians on stage or on screen, but as they became famous, things emerged from their past that they would rather keep hidden: their relations with the communist Securitate. The ‘Evenimentul zilei’ daily yesterday published a list of artists that signed commitments or gave informative notes to the former Securitate. It includes famous names like folk singers Ducu Bertzi and Gheorghe Turda, theatre director Ducu Darie or TV producer Leonard Miron.One of the major actors of the Romanian theatre, Mircea Albulescu was recruited by the Securitate in 1988 and received the code name ‘Manole.’The ‘Manole’ file includes a report-note written by an officer after a discussion with the actor, about a conference held at the American Library by a Romanian theatrical director.Folk singer Grigore Lese (58) was recruited by the Securitate on 22 April 1977, when he was a music teacher at the school of Lapus (Maramures). He received the code name ‘Pamfil.’ The reason of recruiting him: “For the security surveillance of teachers and pupils.” Ion Besoiu snitched on his colleagues and subalterns of the Bulandra Theatre when he was the manager of the institution. He allegedly wrote several informative notes under the code name ‘Bogdan,’ during 1980-1985 and 1988-1989. Among his targets were actor Ion Caramitru and writer Dinu Sararu.TV producer Leonard Miron was recruited on November 15, 1989, one month before the fall of communism, for “the surveillance of foreign studets.” He signed a commitment, received the code name ‘Alexandru,’ but wrote no informative note.Alexandru Ducu Darie, the son of famous actor Iurie Darie, is among the foremost theatrical directors in Romania, and also the manager of the prestigious theatre Bulandra. Ducu first met the Securitate in 1982, when he paid a documentary visit to the United Kingdom. His mission was to monitor the British cultural attaché, and he received the code name ‘Oleg.’ In 1987, Ducu Darie “evaded” his collaboration with the Securitate and was recruited again on June 25, 1988, when he signed a new commitment under the code name ‘Ion.’Folk singer and General Gheorghe Turda (63) is the first Romanian top artist who was declared as collaborator of former Securitate by a court. In 1971, Turda went of his own will to the local Militia precinct and denounced his aunt for planning to leave Romania. Folk singer Ducu Bertzi (57) was recruited by the Bucharest Securitate on April 28, 1988, as host of a hidden house with the code name ‘Victoria.’ He made available his studio for meetings of Securitate agents.


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