Jan-Sept operational leasing market up 14 pc year on year

The operational leasing market rose 14 pc January thru September from the year-earlier period, to 41,500 units, the Operational Leasing Companies Association (ASLO) announced, which forecasts their number will exceed 42,000 by year’s end. The market was up 11 pc from late last year. “We’ve noticed a slowdown in the growth pace of the operational leasing market during the first nine months of the year. This was due, on one hand, to a number of customers reducing their fleet, affected as they were by the protracted unfavorable economic situation, with contracts reaching maturity without being fully renewed, and to the summer holiday period, on the other, which saw insignificant moves,” according to a press release signed by ASLO President Bogdan Apahidean. LeasePlan Romania, Porsche Mobility and ALD Automotive occupy the top three positions in this sector, with a market share of 17 pc each, followed by Arval Service Lease Romania (12 pc) and Fleet Management Services (6,6 pc), according to ASLO data.

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