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March 27, 2023

Frunzaverde set to get National Liberal People’s Party brand registered

In an address dated October 30 sent to the Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), National Liberal Party (PNL) Vice-president Sorin Frunzaverde asks in his name, via a law firm, for registration of the trademark “National Liberal People’s Party. Frunzaverde’s request will get an answer, positive or not, from the OSIM and a certificate if the brand in question is registered.  The PNL vice-president seeks trade mark registration in four activity categories, among which “advertising of any kind, through all mass media, including flyer distribution, directly or/and by mail, as well as services allowing a person to communicate with another or several other persons thru means of oral and/ or visual communication”.The PNL official says that getting the National Liberal People’s Party” trademark registered with the OSIM doesn’t mean he would form another party, as the decision is aimed at protecting the PNL from others’ use of liberalism-related wording.He told Realitatea TV: “At stake there is no such thing as another party. That’s a no-no! We only want to keep with OSIM all the trademarks of the brand containing the word “liberal” and “people’s” in order to stay clear of from the emergence of groups which seek to make use of such phrasing, to protect ourselves from the problems linked to it.” Frunzaverde added that there had been situations when new parties tried to seize the name and identity of old parties.  The PNL vice president also announced that he had consulted himself with the other party leaders with respect to his action.  Sorin Frunzaverde was also asked whether his gesture could be read in the context of Crin Antonescu’s statements over the PNL’s compatibility with the European People’s Party (EPP), a partnership he rejected. “You should ask Crin Antonescu about those statements. Obviously, there is compatibility between the PNL and the EPP, yet to keep talking about it… would mean to enter in the realm of speculations,” he concluded.It was Sebastian Lazaroiu, in a Wednesday evening Facebook post called “Moves on the chessboard” who disclosed Frunzaverde’s move. Yesterday, Vasile Blaga, Co-President of the Right Romania Alliance, said that Sorin Frunzaverede’s National Liberal People’s Party’s registration with the OSIM shows “he doesn’t feel well in PNL”.

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