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April 16, 2021

Unrest on the energy market

The shutdown of Cernavoda Unit 2 caused some unrest in the national energy system, market sources said for HotNews. Under normal conditions, the energy produced by Reactor 2 should have been replaced by the Petrom power plant of Brazi, but this plant, too, has experienced some problems. In this situation, Hidroelectrica came in force with 3,000 MW, which it produced by resorting to the water supply stored in reservoirs. As for the Petrom plant, certain technical problems were allegedly registered at a Transelectrica substation that forced the shutdown of the Brazi Vest facility. Octavian Lohan, the deputy general manager of Transelectrica said that Petrom has started works last week and the whole plant will be closed tomorrow. According to Lohan, the problems appeared at an element of the power plant, which will be closed on November 8-13. The shutdown of the Petrom plant was a planned event. During this entire interval, some units of other power plants have been restarted: units 3, 4 and 5 of Iernut, unit 6 of Mintia and unit 1 of Turceni. In his turn, Remus Borza, the judiciary administrator of Hidroelectrica said that reservoirs are currently filled between 54 and 70 pc. In theory, they should be 70 pc filled at the beginning of the cold season. The supplementary output of these days will not affect the reserves stored in reservoirs, he added. Hidroelectrica currently produces an additional amount of energy between 8 and 12 GW a day. The worst hit company is Nuclearelectrica, because of the increase of prices on the energy exchange OPCOM.Although it closed one of its units, Nuclearelectrica must honour its contracts, so it buys energy on OPCOM. Sellers speculate the opportunity and upped their prices on the energy exchange.

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