Dem Lib MP caught by the DNA while taking bribe

A PDL deputy of Vrancea, Alin Trasculescu was caught by prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Saturday evening, in Focsani, just as he was taking bribe from a businessman. Trasculescu was detained and taken to the arrest of Bucharest Police. Alin Trasculescu is the president of PDL Vrancea and runs for a new mandate of deputy in Constituency 5 Marasesti. DNA officials told Mediafax that the Directorate started a criminal probe against Alin Trasculescu, given the exception represented by catching him red handed. PDL deputy Alin Trasculescu is probed for misuse of authority, instigation to the crime of forgery in writs under private signature and instigation to the crime of money laundering, as he knew the sum resulted from a crime of misuse of authority, according to the DNA.According to the DNA, between November 2010 and November 2012, Alin Trasculescu asked the denouncer to pay him first a sum of EUR 50,000, then increased his demands to EUR 150,000. Prosecutors said that, in order to obtain the money, the member of the Parliament gave the impression that he can convince the representatives of Vrancea County local authorities to request the achieving of investment objectives within the National Infrastructure Development Programme (PNDI) and has influence upon the officials of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDTR) in charge with verifying and approving the specific procedure of the respective programme.  Of the final sum he asked, Trasculescu received RON 464,000 in total. On Nov. 10, he should have received another instalment of RON 50,000 from the denouncer but he was caught by DNA. Trasculescu hinted that he can exert influence upon MDTR officials, when the Ministry was led by Elena Udrea, in order to obtain the due papers. Yesterday, Udrea announced that, ever since 2010, she asked anyone learning about an intervention made using her name to report the case to the DNA. The speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea yesterday announced that he received a request from the Ministry of Justice to deprive Alin Trasculescu of his immunity. Zgonea added that today, around 1.00 PM, the Law Committee of the Chamber of Deputies will meet over the Justice Ministry’s request regarding PDL deputy Alin Trasculescu. The demand will reach the plenum of the Lower House tomorrow, he added.

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