Dan Mihalache’s successor featured in sex scandal

Hardly had Andreea Lambru been appointed as Deputy Secretary General of the Government, replacing Dan Mihalache, that she was put under attack. The press has dug up her alleged affairs with three PNL leaders. With a former PNL leader, Mihai Balasescu, she supposedly had sex in Crin Antonescu’s office in 2010. The rumour goes that, at the time she was seeing Balasescu, Lambru was also involved with a PNL leader in Targu Jiu. It has also been suggested that Andreea Lambru may have also had a an affair with Radu Stroe, who was her boss and who promoted her as PNL deputy secretary general, a move that caused a scandal within the party, Theodora Bertzi even threatening to resign from the party because of that. PNL denies the information regarding Lambru, but some important USL figures have been stating their opinions on the latest rumours. PM Victor Ponta said he was unaware of any details regarding the morality of the new deputy secretary general of the Government and that he was not interested in ‘gossip’, especially when it involves ladies, adding that the society is extremely retrograde. PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea said on Romania TV Tuesday night the media ‘crucifixion’ of Andreea Lambru just because of her youth is an error. I don’t understand why have this jihad against a 27-year-old person. I have known this girl for two years, since we set up USL and she is very good at organisational jobs. She is a young lady in whom I believe a lot,’ Dragnea said. PNL Bucharest leader Eugen Nicolaescu says that Andreea Lambru was appointed as Deputy Secretary General of the Government without a political evaluation, as she was going to occupy ‘a technical position’. Liberal Ludovic Orban states on Facebook that PNL has hundreds of talented people who have been prefects, secretaries of state and ministers and that he hoped those were also considered for future nominations.

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