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December 2, 2022

Hunedoara priest trades church in for politics

The Parliament is tempting for the Church people who have decided to give up their parishes and join politics. A Hunedoara priest is a candidate in the parliamentary election for PRM. The Romanian Orthodox Church has sent Hotnews.ro a release noting that it is prohibited that its representatives stand for election or engage in the election campaign. The Hunedoara priest, Ioan Poenaru, says he resigned as a priest in the Luncoiu de Sus and Podele parishes in order to run for a seat in the lower chamber in an electoral district in Brad-Valea Muresului. Poenaru thinks the Orthodox Church should be represented in Parliament by priests, especially since there is a precedent, with church figures in Parliament immediately after 1990. On the other hand, the Arch-Bishop of the Lower Danube appears on electoral posters next to the PNL candidate George Scarlat, according to ‘Evenimentul zilei’ daily. In response, the Arch-Bishop of the Lower Danube says the photographs showing  Casian Craciun next to the USL candidate in the Galati District number 3 for the Chamber of Deputies was taken during the church consecration and using it for electoral purposes is ‘an abuse and audacity’ as far as Scarlat is concerned.

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