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June 25, 2021

President attacks Government also on other issues

In his Friday intervention, the president denounced not only the government in office, but also the governments headed by Emil Boc and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu he had personally supported.

In what was meant as an assessment of the state of Romanian economy, Traian Basescu identified the failure to spend European funds. ‘Why couldn’t we keep the economic growth that was practically announced already in Q2 2012? There are a few essential reasons. The first and most important one is the non-use of EU funds as of Q3. (…) The passion now is for PDL to blame the government in office and for the current government to blame the former governments. The reality is that neither have done the job all the way to the end,’ the president said. He accused the Ungureanu and Ponta Governments of having not implemented by June 30 the process verification procedures promised to the European Commission.‘The Ponta Government is making exactly the same mistakes as the Boc Government,’ said the president, adding that everywhere at the leadership of state companies there ‘just politruks’ and giving the example of Constanta Port, Transgaz and Compet. ‘We have a commitment to the IMF that the current government found in force when it came, one that was not respected by either the Boc or the Ungureanu Government and which s not being respected by the Ponta Government either. This commitment is for introducing private managements. I can see the Ponta Government is making exactly the same mistakes as the Boc Government. Only politruks everywhere,’ Traian Basescu said. ‘Political appointments to office everywhere. The Fund has a reason to say that we are not even complying with those essential elements, by hiring professional managers,’ said the president. The president said the Government’s decision to buy cars worth up to EUR 18,000 each was ‘one of the uninspired measures’ that could have been made at the end of the year. His opinion is that, if there is unspent money left, it could be better used on paying overdue invoices by the ministries. His conclusion is that the EUR 18,000 cap means ‘it is not going to be a EUR 7,500 Dacia or the Ford B-Max’. The subject was actually resumed by PDL MEP Theodor Stolojan who announced on Sunday that ARD was urging the Ponta Government to cancel the ‘ordinance allowing the purchasing of vehicles worth up to EUR 18,000’, since there are hospitals and schools that have run out of money needed for current expenses. PM Victor Ponta answered saying that the engine capacity and the highest price set for the cars to be bought by government institutions ‘point’ at the two big local makers, although the government ‘may not specifically say’ that authorities should only buy cars produced in Romania because that would be against EU legislation.In his public position on Friday, Traian Basescu said he was challenging politicians to describe the 2013 prospects based on a budget instead of swearing at each other. According to the president, neither side wants to present the budget because they would have no support for the ‘lies they tell on TV’. At the same time, Basescu said ‘it is time’ to restart exploiting the above the ground mines of copper and gold, adding that he is not pleading for one particular solution, but that Romania cannot continue without creating new jobs. ‘It is time we restarted the above the ground mining, be it gold or copper. World market prices have made cost-effective again activities that, when they were suspended 10 or 15 years ago, had become unprofitable, because of the world market prices,’ Basescu said.  The president added hat, in his view, the big priority in 2013 should be to keep fiscal stability and increase pensions with the inflation rate, given the fact that it had not happened in three years. Reaching the healthcare subject, the president said that, before private money is given access to the health system, it would continue to ‘crawl’ and added that the healthcare draft law was being ‘moved from drawer to drawer’.

Ponta: Basescu becomes PDL’Scampaign chief

Premier Victor Ponta on Saturday accused President Traian Basescu of turning into the ‘spokesman’ and ‘campaign chief’ for PDL. ‘I can see President Basescu makes the same mistakes as President Basescu before the suspension’, Ponta said, adding that the head of state had ‘a short memory’. ‘President Traian Basescu, probably realising the pathetic state of PDL’s campaign, has taken over the position as election campaign chief and spokesman. When he wants to have electoral debates, I’m up to it’, Ponta said answering a question about his opinion on Basescu’s statement on the Ponta and Boc Cabinets.

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