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August 1, 2021

Election campaign at the church

‘The church is even more saint during an election campaign’ – reads a guideline in the PDL electoral guidebook, voiced loud and clear by the former party Secretary General Ioan Oltean. Unlike the rest of the electoral cycle, these days the representatives of the two political blocs seem to be ‘besieging’ the Lord’s House, some of them visiting three representatives day, at the weekend, according to a gandul.info special report. William Brinza, PDL MP for the Diaspora, is a church-going champion. ‘Before entering politics, I used to go to the church on a regular basis. Now, I go more often than other people, even three times during the same weekend, to several churches. I consider myself to e a religious person because I was brought up in a religious family. (…) Divinity helps you anytime if you do it from the heart’, ’he MP tells gandul.info.The church going strategy in campaign, on the other hand, is not appreciated by PDL’s new allies. PNTCD President Aurelian Pavelescu, a Theology graduate, is afraid of hypocrisy. ‘Going to church in campaign doesn’t look good for just anybody. It’s a hypocrisy’, Pavelescu said. The power of the church is also acknowledged by the Social Democrat Deputy Andrei Valentin Sava who, not long ago, initiated a draft law exonerating priests and Church lay staff of labour taxes. Sava claims he prays all the time, not only in the campaign, saying it is useful to pray anytime and anywhere. “The Church is one of the great sources of hope for the Romanian people”.

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