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November 25, 2022

Nicolai: Basescu, PDL, are readying for manipulative actions

National Liberal Party (PNL) MEP Norica Nicolai told recently a press conference that the Social Liberal Union (USL) received information that the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and Traian Basescu were allegedly preparing  manipulative actions aimed at showing to the EU that the USL would rig the elections, adding that the Union would try to counteract such actions. “Having been told that OSCE would monitor the election, which happens in all  civilized states, and it was suggested this would be a shame to  Romania, PDL, and mostly  President Traian Basescu, thru his obscure supporters, are preparing  actions, almost violent sometimes, seeking to destabilize the electoral a campaign, and are intending, by means of manipulative filming, to demonstrate how the Romanian elections are rigged,”  Norica Nicolai. “While I cannot provide you give you details, as we will try to counteract it, nevertheless, considering that opinion polls clearly show them they will a catastrophic showing, they will try thru all sorts of manipulative actions to prove, to the EU mainly, where they enjoyed some support in the past, I hope they won’t get any from Mr. Barroso now, that the USL will rig the elections. I hope their action will stand no chance to be successful, since we know some of them and are ready to counter them,” Norica Nicolai said, who added that the USL is afraid that Traian Basescu would not comply with the election results, and gave Lithuania as such example.

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