Poll: 51 pc of Romanians believe USL would better handle economic problems

The Social Liberal Union (USL) has won the trust of Romanians, 51 pc of which believe that the Union would be the ablest to manage the country’s economic woes, according to an Avangarde poll commissioned by NewsIn. According to the quoted source, 13 pc of the interviewees picked the People’s Party Dan Diaconecu (PP-DD) as the solver of Romania’s economic problem, and 12 pc of respondents see the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) as the grouping able to best deal with Romania’s troubles.  Forty-eight per cent of Romanians see the lack of jobs as the country’s main problem, 35 pc consider the health system deficient, and 17 pc are unhappy about the condition of the roads.

At 52 pc, the USL tops Romanians’ choice for the ablest political force with respect to dealing with the problems in the health sector, followed by PP-DD 15 pc, and PDL, 12 pc. The poll puts at 5 pc the proportion of Romanians who see the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) or the Right Romania Alliance (ARD) capable to sort out the health system problems, 4 pc would vote for the National Liberal Party (PNL) and 7 pc for a different party.   The poll also shows that 20 pc of respondents consider Calin Popescu Tariceanu as Romania’s best prime minister from 1990 until now, 14 pc – Adrian Nastase , and 8 pc – Petre Roman. Victor Ponta and Emil Boc each got 7 pc of the options in that ranking category.

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