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February 5, 2023

Study: Nearly one-third of Romanians are ‘fulfilled and balanced’

Close to one-third of Romanians are feeling themselves “fulfilled and balanced”, over 20 per cent, “needy” or “looking for the right track”, and lower rates are “careerist” or “family people”, according to the study National Happiness Romania. The study divides Romanians into five categories: poor, family people, looking for the right track, careerists, and fulfilled and balanced. According to their assessment of life satisfaction in general, the degree of self-appreciation and their disposition at the time they filled out the questionnaire, the respondents, too, were classified in categories as follows: unhappy (39 pc), nearly happy (22 pc), happy (25 pc) and deeply happy (14 pc).Each of the four categories are divided  into 12 sections: material welfare, personal relations, education, health, community, spare time, mental welfare art and culture, neighborly relations, surrounding environment, labor, governance/ public administration.

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