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March 21, 2023

Trasculescu heard at the DNA

The former MP’s lawyer claims that the prosecutors have also charged him with conspiracy.

Former PDL MP Alin Trasculescu showed up at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) yesterday, being subpoenaed in the dossier in which he is charged with intercession and instigating money laundering. The former MP made no statements. Judicial sources quoted by Mediafax claim that DNA prosecutors allegedly subpoenaed Trasculescu in order to present to him a new charge, namely conspiracy. According to the aforementioned sources, the former MP had to be informed of the new charge brought against him. The allegation was later confirmed by the former MP’s lawyer. The latter stated that Trasculescu was subpoenaed yesterday for a hearing and in order for parts of the documents confiscated as a result of the flagrante to be unsealed and handed over. “What’s important is that today (yesterday – editor’s note) the documents were unsealed and most of them were handed to us,” lawyer Cristian Ene stated. Asked whether the DNA prosecutors will ask for his client to be placed under arrest, the lawyer answered: “We were not told that, however the MP, as you saw, is not allowed to leave the country and has respected that. He came every time he was summoned and will continue to do so in the future too if need be.” MP Alin Trasculescu announced his resignation from the Lower Chamber on Tuesday in Parliament. He announced his resignation after the request filed by the Justice Minister and the Juridical Commission’s report on the request to green light his preventive arrest were presented during a plenum meeting. As a result of Trasculescu’s resignation the DNA prosecutors’ request to have his Parliamentary immunity lifted in order for him to be placed under preventive arrest became moot. In order to respect procedures, the Lower Chamber should have sent its answer to the DNA request with that mention. Judicial sources stated that the High Court of Justice (ICCJ) remains the court that has the competence to rule on a possible DNA proposal to place the former MP under preventive arrest. The aforementioned sources pointed out that when the DNA prosecutors receive the answer they can send Trasculescu’s dossier to the ICCJ with the proposal to place him under preventive arrest. We remind our readers that Marian Valeriu Calota, associate and administrator of SC Maryna Exclusiv SRL and the former MP’s accessory, was detained by DNA prosecutors after he was caught in flagrante taking the sum of RON 50,000, money that he was then about to give to Trasculescu. Valeriu Calota was placed under 29-day arrest.

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