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January 27, 2022

Infringement because of gas export ban, confirmed

Romania will send an answer to the EC by the end of the week.

Carlo Corazza, the spokesman of the commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship Antonio Tajani, confirmed the news announced Monday by Nine O’Clock about the European Commission initiating an infringement procedure because Romania banned gas exports.Romanian authorities will submit to the European Commission a plan regarding the security of natural gas supply, along with the answer concerning the export prohibition, by Friday, the state secretary with the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, Rodin Traicu announced Monday, quoted by money.ro. “The plan concerning the gas supply security is finalised and will be sent to the European Commission until the end of this week. We will also send the EC an answer to the pre-infringement letter received by Romania regarding the ban on natural gas exports. This is, in fact, a joint Order issued by authorities in 2007 and amended in 2009 and 2011, which prohibits the exports of natural gas. The current Law of Energy allows it, so the Order is null and void,” Rodin Traicu explained.According to the ministry official, both exports and imports will technically become possible starting 2013, through the two inter-connection pipelines Arad – Szeged (with Hungary) and Giurgiu – Ruse (with Bulgaria). “The security plan in the natural gas sector includes the matters related to the technical possibility to import and export natural gas. As of 2013, this will become possible. According to European directives, each country must ensure its independence by securing energy supplies for 90 days. States must be inter-connected,” Rodin Traicu added.

PM Ponta: Romanian gas export, Russian gas import catastrophic situationIn this context, Premier Victor Ponta mentioned that the current solution of exporting Romanian gas and importing Russian gas is “catastrophic for Romani,” not just for the population, but also for the industry. “I support (Economy minister) Chitoiu. He informed me (about the infringement procedure). We export Romanian gas, we import Russian gas three times more expensive. We certainly have a problem with European legislation which says that we should allow exports. On the other hand, I also have a political responsibility, and Mr. Chitoiu has my support. We will find a solution. But, to put it bluntly, it means exporting cheap Romanian gas and importing expensive gas. Of course, this pertains to a long-term strategy,” the PM said at the conclusion of a meeting of the USL leadership, quoted by Hotnews.ro.He referred to what he ironically mentioned the “equality” between countries when it comes to acquisition price. “We import at 450 the thousand cubic meters from GAZPROM, Germany imports at 180 also from Gazprom. See how equality works? But Ms. Merkel goes very often to Moscow, while I get accused of having sold myself to Moscow even if I pass in front of the embassy, on my way to the government.”

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