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May 26, 2020

Electoral news

Preda: It would help us if MRU went public more frequently

The leader of the Civic Force, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu should go public more frequently during this electoral campaign, PDL first vice-president Cezar Preda said in an interview with RFI. “I believe that Mr. Razvan Ungureanu (…) should have a much stronger public presence, because he actually gave the country to Victor Ponta and Romania’s economic, macro-economic parameters were completely different in May than what Ponta will turn to the new government in December (…),” Preda said, quoted by realitatea.net. Asked whether it would help if Mihai Razvan Ungureanu went public more frequently, the Democrat-Liberal answered: “It would help us, because he is entitled to do it. (…) It is a big difference between the Romania of Ungureanu and the Romania of Ponta. Ungureanu’s Romania was functioning; it was within parameters, while Ponta’s Romania has stopped.” Answering, Ungureanu said that he will make 3-4-5 clones of himself, so he can be present in several places at the same time. The former premier was present yesterday to an electoral launching of candidates in Harghita County. In order to win the locals’ sympathy, Ungureanu talked in Hungarian. MRU recalled how he met the Harghita ARD candidate and talked about the shared values Romanians and Hungarian ethnics share, as well as about reconciliation between Romanians and Magyars in the so-called Szeckler Land.

Florin Popescu: I wasn’t sacked, this is an USL diversion

Democrat-Liberal Florin Popescu claims that the news about Vasile Blaga having sacked him from the leading position with PDL Dambovita are false and represent “a diversion of USL,” meant to cover the scandals in the county, including the probe against PSD deputy Ion Stan, relaitatea.net informs. Monday evening, the press informed that Florin Popescu allegedly was dismissed from his top position with PDL Dambovita, being replaced with Doctor Jean Popescu, who became the interim leader of the local branch.

ARD campaigns through cemeteries

Running for votes produces monsters. The campaign team of the Right Romania Alliance (ARD) candidates in constituency 1 of Prahova Valley, Cristian Burlacu and Alexandru Matei, took a ridiculous turn when the banner that shows the two smiling politicians was placed on the fence of a cemetery by DN1, before entering Sinaia, rtv.net reports. The slogan of the two candidates – “Our hearts are with you” – was posted on the fence of the Sutu graveyard, because the area is circulated and provides maximum exposure.

Children, targeted in electoral campaign

Two candidates asked permission from the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) to give children candies and sweets on the occasion of Saint Nicholas, according to rtv.net. Realising that the elections will be right after the Saint Nicholas holiday, a candidate thought to mark the moment so that he would also obtain some electoral benefits. He planned to offer sweets labelled with his name and the logo of his party. His supreme argument was that one cannot consider this as an electoral present, because it would be offered only to children, too young to vote. Another request received by BEC was from a candidate that had the idea of giving Christmas tree candies displaying his portrait and the electoral sign of his party. The Bureau turned down both demands, in line with the ordinance that bans giving food products as electoral presents to voters. On the other hand, in the town of Deva, the pupils of the 1-4 grades of the Transylvania College yesterday received training suits as presents. According to school sources, this is not the first time that children receive presents that might be seen as electoral gifts.

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