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March 5, 2021

Seal blames organizers for show’s cancellations

‘We would have run the risk of the stage collapsing during the show’

Seal cancelled the concert at Palace Hall Tuesday evening just a few hours before it was scheduled to start, on grounds of the huge danger he himself, his crew and fans would have been exposed to: “Our equipment weighs four tons, and the Palace Hall stage is only able to sustain one ton. I saw the documentation! Marcel Avram, the Romanian organizer, told us there was no problemme, as other performances, too, had been held under such circumstances. I refused to go on. I would have put too many lives at risk. We would have run the risk of the stage collapsing during the show. If it was just about me, I would have taken responsibility but I could not live with the thought that someone might have been hurt because of me.  I had no other reason to cancel the show,” cancan.ro quoted the singer as saying. Seal declared himself disappointed at what happened and put all the blame on organizers. He also said that, at the beginning of the tour, he was looking forward to the show in Bucharest and was very glad to come to perform here, since he wanted it so much. In their turn, event organizers say they tried their best to fulfill all of Seal’s conditions for the concert. “According to the documentation supplied, the organizer fulfilled all of the technical and safety demands of the Seal production crew. Such lack of professionalism from his crew is surprising, as the Seal concert was cancelled from ill will,” said Adrian Georgescu, East European Events representative. Furthermore, Romanian organizers say they paid the artist the full fee, and are going to sue him in court to recover the incurred damages.

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