Latest opinion polls: USL – 61-62 pc, ARD – 17-19 pc

According to CCSB and CCSI polls presented by Antena 3 on Sunday evening, USL will obtain a comfortable win in the December 9 general elections. According to the CSOP poll that PDL presented last Thursday, USL would win only 48 pc of the votes.

According to the CCSB poll, USL is credited with 62 per cent of the votes, ARD trailing behind with 17 per cent, PPDD with 10 per cent and UDMR with 5 per cent. CCSB director Mirel Palada explained on Antena 3 that the results of the poll should not be taken as a certain prediction since some respondents have the tendency to point out that they support whoever seems to be the winner. For example, if USL tops the polls they will say they will vote for USL even though they may not vote or may vote for a different party. In this context, Palada estimated that voter turnout will stand at 48 per cent, in which case the scores estimated by CCSB were 57 per cent for USL, 21 per cent for ARD, 10 per cent for PPDD and 5 per cent for UDMR. Moreover, Palada added that the distribution of mandates will give USL a slight advantage. According to Mirel Palada, a lower voter turnout, “towards the lower limit of 40 per cent,” could lead to a change in the estimates, in the sense that they will be lower for USL and higher for ARD.The CSCI poll presented by Antena 3 also features similar percentages: USL – 61 per cent, ARD – 19 per cent, PPDD – 12 per cent and UDMR – 5 per cent.On the other hand, PDL President Vasile Blaga presented last Thursday during the party’s Leadership College meeting a poll that shows that USL will win 48 per cent of the votes, ARD 23 per cent, PPDD 14 per cent and UDMR 6 per cent, pointing out that the situation is stabilized and ARD has potential. “It suits us because we believe there are resources and we have the experience of the latest presidential elections when we won 3-4 per cent in the final week.” Blaga explained that he does not believe there is still a lag between ARD and PDL, pointing out that ARD has gone from being recognized by 50 per cent of respondents two months ago to 86 per cent now.

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