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May 21, 2022

Dacia gets ready for new model

After launching the new Logan, Dacia plans to score a new hit on the auto market, in an important country of the EU where it plans to expand, according to antena3.ro. The announcement was made by the chief of Renault, Thierry Sybord for the website autoexpress, where he unveiled his plans for the near future. Sybord said: “We prepare to begin the production of a low-cost sports car next year. I think this is what we miss. A sports car easy to drive, at an affordable price, which does not necessarily have to be powerful.” According to the source, Dacia sport will be similar to the Alpine concept of Renault, but significantly cheaper. Furthermore, the Renault official stated that he would like to expand the presence in the United Kingdom, so the models Dacia Sandero, Logan or Stepway will be slightly modified to suit the British market (right hand drive), so their target for the near future in the UK is to reach 1 pc of the total number of new cars sold in the United Kingdom.

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