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June 28, 2022

Ioana Basescu accused of involvement in Romanian Post deals

Journalist Silviu Manastire stated on Realitatea TV that President Basescu’s eldest daughter Ioana Basescu is allegedly involved in Romanian Post business deals. According to him, she allegedly signed documents that allowed businessman Sorin Creteanu to take over a building located downtown Bucharest and owned by the Romanian Post. Creteanu allegedly set up a company along with the Romanian Post and, through an increase of capital, ended up owning 88 per cent of it, the Romanian Post owning just 12 per cent. “Despite the lack of the Romanian Post’s resolution on the capital increase, the Commerce Registry registered the paperwork because they had Ioana Basescu’s Notary Office written on them,” Manastire stated, being quoted by realitatea.net. During the same talk show, PNL candidate and journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu stated that Ioana Basescu is involved in several of Creteanu’s business deals. “All contracts in this area built up by Creteanu and Puiu Popovici were done through her and she is now earning very large sums. Puiu Popovici was arrested for one day but when information concerning Ioana Basescu appeared they immediately released him and closed the file,” Rosca Stanescu stated on Realitatea TV. Former Romanian Post Director Mihai Toader was sentenced to six years in jail at the end of November. Two other executive directors were each sentenced to five years in jail. Former Communications Minister Zsolt Nagy was sentenced to three and a half years with suspension of the execution of punishment. The rulings are not final and can be attacked through appeals.

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