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April 15, 2021

Basescu tells how next PM should be like

Victor Ponta says the president’s wish regarding the next premier doesn’t count and PNL leader Crin Antonescu says that Basescu is preparing to negotiate over new Government with Ponta.

Traian Basescu on Friday presented the profile of the prime minister he would designate, noting that European values should be a way of life for that person, that he should not have any shadows or hidden things about his CV, that he ‘should break the film a little’ and that, preferably, the candidate would have experience in central public administration. ‘I would very much like the person I will designate as prime minister, as well as the candidates proposed by the parties, to be a personality loyal to national interest, which he should place above party and group – even media group – interests’, Basescu said. He further added that the candidate ‘must be a pro-European and a pro-Atlantist’. ‘Of course, that would not exclude relations with Russia, China, India or whatever other state’. But this country is has residence in the EU and NATO. It is here that we are building both our security and prosperity. Here, in the EU and NATO (…). These are Romania’s crucial national interests’, Basescu continued. The president also said he wanted the following prime minister to be ‘a man who has always advocated the principles of the Constitution, rule of law and principles that operate in the EU from a political point of view, meaning European values must be a way of life for that politician’. ‘Another criterion – I am asking the parties to consider these criteria in their choices – not to have vulnerable spots. He must not have presented himself as something and be something else. He must not have any CV flaws. He should be a person we should know everything about, anyway, enough to be trusted. He must be a person in whose live there should be no shadows, hidden things or lies in self-definition. Because there is always a major risk when you don’t know everything about a politician, especially things that you don’t believe would be appreciated by the public and which would not bring you votes. That politician would be vulnerable to blackmail’, Basescu also said. Traian Basescu stressed out that, ‘by what he declares in his CV, that person had to be unbeatable’, ‘not to have either pluses or minuses in the truth he tells the public about himself’. The presidents aid the person must inspire trust to European and trans-Atlantic partners. At the same time, the president said Romanians were free to write to him using his email address he insisted to make public – traianbasescu@presidency.ro – on the profile of the prime minister they want after the Sunday parliamentary election. Basescu spoke on other topics as well, saying that, after the election, Romanians would realise that all those people who had approached them asking for they vote were ‘part of a fraud’, especially those who were in power at the time, because they had not respected Romanians’ vote for reducing the number of MPs. The office of prime minister is not offered after a beauty contest or based on a selection of tenders, it is given, under the constitutional provisions, by the majority in Parliament, said USL leader and PM Victor Ponta Friday night. ‘Maybe the nominated prime minister is short, ugly, blind or deaf, Mr. Basescu’s wish does not matter’, Ponta said on RTV, responding to the president’s wishes regarding the new prime minister. Also on Friday, PSD Honorary President Ion Iliescu said there where ‘proportional responses’ possible to the eventuality that the president of the state did not consider USL’s proposed PM, if the Union obtained the majority in Parliament. PNL leader Crin Antonescu said President Basescu was preparing to negotiate the composition of the new Cabinet with Victor Ponta, but categorically rejected the possibility saying that it would be ‘absolutely inapposite for the premier to negotiate with Traian Basescu.

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