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December 5, 2020

For its population, Romania has more MPs than other countries

Romania will have 588 legislators in its new Parliament – 394 deputies and 176 senators – for a population of approximately 21.4 million, which means a MP for 36,400 citizens, while countries like France, Netherlands, Poland or Italy have one member of the Parliament for over 64,000 inhabitants.In the present legislature, with 471 MPs (334 deputies and 137 senators) the ratio was one elect for some 44,000 inhabitants.The ratio in the case of France, a national state with bicameral system similar to Romania, is of one MP for 72,000 inhabitants. France has a population of 65.9 million and a National Assembly with 577 deputies and 348 senators.Another country with a population not too different from Romania’s and a bicameral system formed of Senate and Chamber of Representatives is the Netherlands. For its 15.6 million inhabitants, it has significantly fewer legislators – 75 senators and 150 deputies, resulting a ratio of one to 74,600 inhabitants.In Poland, with a population of 38.1 million and a bicameral Parliament – Sejm (460 deputies) and Senate (100 members) – the ratio is one MP for 68,000 inhabitants.

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