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March 31, 2023

Kelemen: We expect a peaceful and constructive collaboration with the USL

UDMR president Kelemen Hunor said  that he expects to have “a peaceful and constructive collaboration” with the USL, and it would benefit the Union to have the talks with USL as soon as possible. “We have scheduled no meeting yet. It would be opportune anytime, but we will announce when we agree to have it,” Kelemen added, quoted by Mediafax. Asked if a possible collaboration between UDMR and USL will occur at Parliament or Government level, Kelemen avoided giving a clear answer. “We will give you all the data after the meeting,” he mentioned.The Liberals however stick to their initial position and believe that a meeting between representatives of USL and UDMR would be useless. The idea was expressed by PNL leader Crin Antonescu, who affirmed yesterday that he does not see such meeting as useful as long as the representatives of the Hungarian ethnic party already talked with PM Victor Ponta. “If the premier thought as appropriate to have a separate discussion, or UDMR needs separate talks with PNL, with great pleasure. Eventually, it is obvious that this is a decision of USL in relation with UDMR,” Antonescu explained. He reiterated that PNL leaders were reluctant about inviting UDMR in the government, together with USL, but there is openness towards talks aimed at a successful collaboration with the Hungarian party. No clear date has been set for e meeting between representatives of USL and UDMR. On the other hand, PM Victor Ponta met the group of national minorities yesterday afternoon, at the Chamber of Deputies, in presence of PC president Daniel Constantin and of Lower House speaker Valeriu Zgonea. The meeting was attended by Radu Stroe and Viorel Hrebenciuc, on behalf of USL. Earlier this week, Ponta said that the collaboration accord between USL and the group of 18 deputies that represent national minorities remains in effect after the elections, too. “They were very correct, useful, and they will remain so towards the government,” Ponta mentioned.

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