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May 26, 2020

Possible USL II Cabinet

PC will supposedly receive two ministries in the new USL government, possibly Labour in exchange of EU Funds. Some voices claim that the Ministry of Finance should be controlled by the party which gives the premier.

After the major victory scored by the Social-Liberal Union (USL) in the parliamentary elections, member parties are conducting tough negotiations for each ministry. A possibility is to change the structure of the government, by splitting some ministries and setting up new ones, such as the Ministry of Major Projects.PSD vice-president Constantin Nita told RFI that the Ministry of Finance should be controlled by the party that gives the premier, and the new minister of Finance must be “pragmatic and with a vision,” rather than sticking “strictly to an accounting activity.” Asked if he would agree with PNL taking the Ministry of Finance, Constantin Nita answered: “No, because – in my opinion – the Ministry of Finance represents the right hand of any premier. The Ministry of Finance should be controlled by the person that represents the ruling party or the party that gives the prime minister. I insist on this subject.”Nita explained that “the prime minister must implement a certain programme and, usually, he must always have at hand – day and night – a Finance minister capable to give him the solutions in view of implementing projects and programmes.” PNL leader Crin Antonescu said Tuesday evening that the most likely proposal of USL regarding the new government structure will be splitting the Ministry of Finance in two, based on the French model, and the Ministry of Economy in three, which goes against the aforementioned list of ministries in the new government.PNL sources quoted by Mediafax hinted that, following negotiations over the new cabinet, the Conservative Party will receive two ministries: Agriculture, led by Daniel Constantin, and a second ministry, in exchange of supporting PNL president Crin Antonescu for the position of Senate speaker. As for the second ministry which PC will allegedly receive, the same sources mentioned it will be the Labour Ministry.On the other hand, Elena Udrea does not care for what will happen if the president rejects two proposals of premiers. The PDL deputy said that it would not be so bad to dissolve the new Parliament, because it is “huge.”

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