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January 26, 2022

DIICOT: Two BRD directors and Vasile Crestin, leaders of bank fraud group

The heads of the group had placed a ceiling on credits in order for the fraud not to be discovered. The two BRD directors were arrested, while Ioan Crestin and Marius Locic (photo)  were released from custody.

BRD directors Adrian Martis and Andrei Nanu were arrested along with two other persons, the other nine defendants, including businessmen Ioan Crestin and Marius Locic, being released from custody in accordance with the decision taken by the Bucharest Court of Appeals yesterday. According to Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors, Adrian Martis, executive director of BRD Unirea, Andrei Nanu, commercial director of BRD Dorobanti and Vasile Crestin were the leaders of the group involved in bank fraud, seeking to obtain large sums of money by misleading the bank. BRD pointed out on Friday that several months ago it discovered several illegal financing schemes and informed the authorities, after which it beefed up its control systems and fired the employees that did not respect internal norms and procedures. Thus, the prosecutors point out that the members of the group helped several companies obtain loans from BRD – GSG Romania, more exactly from BRD Unirea and BRD Dorobanti, and from ATE Bank, the total damages suffered by BRD Unirii standing at EUR 17,784,000 and RON 2,186,252. Likewise, during the searches Adrian Martis and Mihail Andrei Nanu stole evidence and constantly refused to put at the authorities’ disposal the documents needed in order to verify the irregularities registered at the bank, DIICOT informs. The documents were discovered during the searches that targeted the two suspects’ homes and workplaces. DIICOT investigators also point out that “the Agrocereal company was used by Vasile Crestin in order to pay LOCIC Imobiliare, the money being used by Marius Locic to bribe Senator Voicu Catalin.” Locic denied the accusations, stating that Agrocereal has nothing to do with the Crestin brothers, the company being owned by him. Moreover, he stated that the money from Agrocereal went to Locic’s company, pointing out that he was the lawyer of the former Senator. Businessman Marius Locic stated, after the Bucharest Court of Appeals decided to release him from custody, that he will enter politics, criticizing the fact that “groups from within SRI are feeding false information” to DIICOT and DNA. The Locics are accused of fraud, joining and supporting a crime group and money laundering. The lawyer stated when leaving DIICOT that the Locics are accused of these crimes because of the way they sold a building in Bucharest’s Dorobanti neighborhood. Their lawyer added that the building was sold for EUR 6.4 M to Prod Conserv, a company that contracted a bank loan in order to buy it. Prosecutors detained 20 persons in the bank fraud case that concerns damages of EUR 85 M: Daniel Sandu, Diana Mihaela Gireada (evaluator), Sava Tipa, Ioan Repede, Alexandru Ploscaru, Bogdan Florin Dinu, Livia Bobu, Adrian Martis, Andrei Nanu, Elena Blaga, Orlando Ionut Ghiorghe (evaluator), Andrei Suditu, Niculae Sandu, Ioan Crestin, Dumitru Benga, Vranceanu Jenica Barbu, Marius Locic, Liliana Liuba Alexandrescu (notary), Claudia Maria Peter and Camilia Damiela Pop (notary). The prosecutors filed 29-day preventive arrest requests for all 20 of them. The 13 defendants for whom the Bucharest Court of Appeals approved DIICOT’s requests are: Adrian Martis (BRD Unirea executive director), Andrei Nanu (BRD Dorobanti commercial director), Elena Blaga, Orlando Ionut Ghiorghe, Andrei Suditu, Niculae Sandu, Ioan Crestin, Dumitru Benga, Vranceanu Jenica Barbu, Marius Locic, Liliana Liuba Alexandrescu, Claudia Maria Peter and Camilia Damiela Pop. At the same time, the Court postponed a decision in the case of Vasile Crestin, Constantin Irinel Militaru and Mihaita Catalin Rusitoru for today, December 17. The prosecutors had asked the court to issue arrest warrants in abstentia. The Prosecutor Office’s investigations are welcomed and will deter those tempted to commit this kind of deeds that does not fall under BNR’s supervisory authority, but are the consequence of the notifications filed by the banks concerned and by BNR, BNR Supervisory Director Nicolae Cinteza stated. “Concerning the two banks concerned, it has to be said that apart from the criminal complaints they filed, BNR’s Supervisory Directorate notified the state authorities about the suspicions surrounding the authenticity of some documents that Volksbank clients presented ever since November 2009,” Cinteza pointed out. Likewise, in what concerns the suspicions surrounding the crediting activity within BRD, BNR’s Supervisory Directorate notified the Prosecutor’s Office in May 2011, in parallel with the notifications filed by the bank concerned.

Sima: The damages are much higher, in the order of millions

Broker Cristian Sima talked on B1TV this evening about the case, pointing out that the damages do not total EUR 85 M as rumored, being in the order of hundreds of millions of euros instead. He stated that the bankers were investing in real-estate in order to launder money however the onset of the crisis ruined their plans. Asked whether people that have deposits within Volksbank and BRD have reasons to worry Sima pointed out he prefers not to state his opinion.


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