Snowfalls close down schools and roads

Power outages affect 51 localities from the counties of Vaslui, Botosani, Bacau and Iasi. Forecasters say it will snow on Christmas and temperatures will drop to -16 degrees Celsius.

In Vaslui County, 65 schools were closed yesterday because roads were blocked by heavy snow and blizzard, which prevented 6,500 pupils and teachers from going to school. In Suceava County, too, 13,814 children of 99 education units (schools and kindergartens) stayed home yesterday, because of the snow that blocked many roads. But there are also some good news coming from the Suceava: after the airport was closed Sunday because of extreme weather conditions, yesterday it reopened to traffic. Another county where schools were closed yesterday, because of adverse weather conditions, is Botosani.Throughout the country, especially in Moldavia, many roads were blocked by snow these days. The National Company for Motorways and National Roads announced that 11 roads were completely closed yesterday morning in Moldavia, while traffic was allowed with restrictions (only vehicles under 3.5 tons) on two national roads (DN 28 Iasi – Albita; DN 24C Vanatori – Bivolari).In Suceava, six county roads were closed yesterday morning, and traffic went on with difficulty on the other roads. In Botosani, 27 localities were isolated by snow and blizzard, with medical emergencies being kept under close monitoring, while in Neamt traffic was barred on four county roads. In Vaslui County, two national roads were closed to traffic yesterday.Apart from hampering traffic, heavy snowfalls also caused power outages yesterday in 51 localities of Vaslui, Botosani, Bacau and Iasi counties, by damaging electricity lines and substations in Moldavia. Wires snapped under the weight of snow and ice, poles collapsed at the impact with the blizzard, and a total number of 14 aerial medium voltage lines were completely or partially damaged by the extreme weather.But there is also good news. Over 260 people, drivers and passengers that were trapped by snow and blizzards, yesterday, on various roads of Botosani County were rescued by intervention squads that responded to countless emergency calls.According to weather forecasts, it will snow on Christmas and temperatures will drop to -16 degrees in Transylvania and Muntenia.

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