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August 13, 2022

Dacia: Employees may choose between receiving 85 pc of salaries, or going on paid leave

For January 3 and 4, when production will be stopped, Dacia employees may choose between receiving 85 pc of the salary for the two days and going on paid leave, which is paid integrally, the carmaker announced after a protest staged by employees, Mediafax reports. “The Mechanical Plant and the Logistic Department have a sustained activity, but the persons that will not work on January 3 and 4 will enter the same system as the Vehicle Plant,” the Dacia Communication Department announced. The employees of three sections of the Dacia Plant stopped working yesterday for a 4-hour interval. Trade union representatives said that employees are upset with the management’s decision to send them on unpaid leave on January 3 and 4, and they want to be paid 85 pc of the salary these two days.

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