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May 16, 2022

Who ‘sabotaged’ UDMR’s entry to government?

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor  said on Thursday that, during the talks on the UDMR-USL cooperation agreement, it had been Dan Voiculescu who presented the position of the Centre-Right Alliance (ACD) and who came with the condition that UDMR should support the USL candidate in the presidential election and drop all claims for changing Art 1 of the Constitution. ‘Dan Voiculescu also attended that meeting. He presented the position of the Centre-Right Alliance and attached two conditions to moving forward with the negotiations: one was that we should back the USL project for the presidential election. My answer was <Yes, that would be fair, If we are in the government together it’s normal to have such an agreement and support the USL candidate for president in 2014.> His second condition was that we should drop claims for changing Art 1 of the Constitution – only the <national state> phrase, and that was unacceptable’, Kelemen Hunor explained. He pointed out that UDMR could have not accepted to renounce amending Art 1 of the Constitution because it cannot accept being told what it may and may not speak about. ‘We cannot be told what we may and what we may not speak about. You cannot demand a loyalty test from any Romanian citizens, myself or anyone else. That was the discussion last Wednesday, during our talks with USL. I said it was a condition we could not accept and thought we would continue discussing it the following Monday,’ Kelemen Hunor added. The UDMR leader either was unable to or would not say who had had the initiative of signing the UDMR-USL cooperation agreement. ‘There were talks at the end of August, at the beginning of September, there were several talks and an agreement was shaping up in principle. I cannot remember whose idea it had been. We, together, after a few meetings, agreed that, in principle, we could come to such an agreement.’ Worth mentioning in the context, the president of UDMR Sfantu Gheorghe, Antal Arpad said Thursday that Romanians made phone calls to the offices of UDMR and asked its representatives to enter the ruling coalition, because “it is the only serious-minded political party.” The statement was probably an answer to a statement made last Monday by the secretary general of PSD, Liviu Dragnea, who said that ethnic Hungarian citizens called the headquarters of PSD asking not to accept UDMR in the government.Right after the first election results had been announced, PM Ponta said USL was beginning talks with UDMR to create a constitutional majority, his position causing a powerful adverse reaction form PNL. On Monday, the premier announced the final decision: UDMR was not going to be in the new Government.

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