Choosing right-wing’s presidential candidate, reason for disputes between PDL and FC

Designating the right-wing’s candidate for the presidential elections in 2014 is creating disputes both within PDL and between the Democrat-Liberals and the other centre-right parties. Thus, Civic Force (FC) leader Mihai Razvan Ungureanu expressed his hope that the centre-right forces will have a single candidate for the presidential elections and in order to make that possible there should be “an internal clarification” within each party and the nomination should be done as soon as possible in 2013. “What matters from a tactical point of view is for the name of the presidential candidate to garner the majority of votes from those who are voting for the right-wing and whose preferences are on the right wing of the spectrum,” Ungureanu stated for Realitatea TV. The former premier claimed that one cannot support a candidate whose training is not “a bit relevant” in relation to the president’s constitutional prerogatives, namely foreign policy and national security. “I believe that currently in Romania there is no longer the need to have a head of state that does not know what he has to do as president. You cannot learn to be president on the job,” he pointed out. Former PDL Senator Radu Berceanu contradicts Ungureanu. According to ziare.com, Berceanu considers that the absence of a surprise in what concerns PDL’s presidential candidate represents “the worst case” for the party. In his opinion, PDL leader Vasile Blaga should be the one that is looking for the candidate for next year’s presidential elections “unless he wants to run for office, but I doubt that and I don’t think it would be a good idea.” Moreover, Berceanu underlined that he does not have a lot of confidence in “so-called candidates from outside the party,” arguing that “if we’re talking about a personality, that personality, if really interested in running for the Romanian Presidency, should join PDL.” Talking about the possibility that Mihai Razvan Ungureanu could be the said person from outside the party, Berceanu replied: “What is Mihai Razvan Ungureanu so that we should primarily refer to him? So far he doesn’t seem to be much.” Meanwhile, an increasing number of voices within PDL claim that former Premier Emil Boc could be the party’s “potential candidate.” Vice President Alin Tise and former Internal Affairs Minister Traian Igas are among those claiming that.On the other hand, there are troubled waters within PDL, the need for a Congress being increasingly obvious. Former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea admits that there is the need to organize a Congress so that the party could elect a team. In her opinion that team could be the current party president’s team. She stated on Wednesday evening on B1 TV that she will not run for the top office within PDL. In his turn, Theodor Paleologu claims PDL should organize an extended Congress in which the President could be elected by all Democrat-Liberal militants. “Internal democracy is not for show, it is not the intellectuals’ fad, it’s a mechanism of political renaissance that we need in order to truly represent an alternative to the USL government,” the Democrat-Liberal opined, being quoted by realitatea.net.

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