Gyorgy Frunda, for Nepszabadsag: ‘Romania is not a national state’

Within a day of his appointment as PM Victor Ponta’s private adviser, UDMR politician Gyorgy Frunda gave an interview to the Hungarian daily Nepszabadsag, where he openly speaks of the premises of his cooperation with the USL leader as well as his position on the Romanian Constitution. ‘My appointment does not mean that UDMR is back into government. It is as clear as it can be that such thing is not true, even if we have a secretary of state – Kiraly Andras – who will be dealing with the minority education in the Education Ministry. (…) My appointment is not of a political nature. I am a Hungarian and a member of UDMR, but the position was offered to me personally’, Frunda says in his interview for the Hungarian daily, quoted by Jurnalul National. Frunda revisits the theme launched by UDMR and propagated by President Kelemen Hunor in the Hungarian media and admits his new position cannot oblige him to accept article 1 of the Romanian Constitution. ‘I have not sold my soul. I have the same beliefs and principles. Since 1990, when I was the secretary of the organisation that worked on the Constitution, I have been systematically stressing that Romania was not a national state. In reality, today it is less than it was then, because now it is a member of the European Union, NATO, Council of Europe and has partially surrendered its sovereignty which it shares with the European institutions it belongs to. I think the PM chose me as his private adviser exactly because, throughout my career, I have remained loyal to my principles and beliefs.’

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