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September 18, 2021

Blaga: I don’t want the break-up of USL

PDL President Vasile Blaga stated on Wednesday evening on Realitatea TV that he does not back an alliance or merger with PNL in order to have a common candidate in the presidential elections and that PDL will have its own candidate. “For the time being all parties need internal clarifications,” Blaga stated, being quoted by realitatea.net, pointing out that he does not want “the break-up of USL.” “Let them stay as they are. Together they managed to transform the Romanian people’s discontent into votes, together they should pay.” He pointed out that he is not one of those who believe that if that were to happen (if USL were to break up) “it would be very well and PDL would win points just by relaxing.” Asked how he sees the PSD-PNL relation, the Democrat-Liberal pointed out that everything seems to be fine at discourse level but he is looking at the measures the Premier took. “From the Interior Ministry he took the prefects and the intelligence service and apart from that he left the problems to them. When it comes to the Transportation Ministry he said: ok you (PNL – editor’s note) keep the railways and Tarom, since they are registering losses anyway, and we (PSD – editor’s note) take over the highways; and we can look at each ministry in this way. I believe Mr. Ponta is in fact settling accounts with the Liberals because they did not agree with UDMR entering the government,” the PDL leader explained. In what concerns his relationship with Traian Basescu, Blaga stated that the Head of State did not get involved in managing the party:“I did talk with Mr. Basescu but not about party issues.” In what concerns the disputes over choosing the right-wing’s candidate for the presidential elections in 2014, the PDL President dismissed the information according to which Presidential aide Cristian Diaconescu could run for the highest office in the state. Concerning the possible candidacy of former Premier Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Blaga stated that he could be nominated presidential candidate by the Civic Force, the party Ungureanu leads.

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