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May 22, 2022

State protocol comp. tenants list published by Government

Former and current officials as well as a few singers and actors are tenants of the state, having paid frugal rents over the years.

The Government presented Wednesday evening the list of tenants of the State Protocol Properties Administration (RA-APPS), showing that 285 individual persons have lease agreements with the sate and that 194 state officials have their work home rent paid by the state. According to the Executive, only five people ‘do not have the right’ to live in the RA-APPS properties – the former head of the National Consumer Protection Authority (ANPC), Calota Samuel, the former Vice President of the State Asset Resolution Authority (AVAS), Pavelescu Ioan Mircea, Dumitru Orlandea, ex-adviser to PDL Economy Minister Ioan Ariton, Daniel Povarnaru, former adviser to PDL Minister Bogdan Dragoi and Alexandru Nazare, former PDL Minister of Transport. All these tenants are now in process of being evicted, gandul.info informs. In what concerns the ‘luxury tenants’ of the state, they include businessman Ion Tiriac, who lives in a 214 sq m home partly belonging to RA-APPS and for which he pays a rent of EUR 26,897.09 per month, MEP Adrian Severin, who has an apartment consisting of four main rooms plus one service room adding up to a total area of 192.74 sq m and for which he pays a monthly rent of 790.35 euro. Nicolae Ceausescu’s former sister-in-law Elena Ceausescu (the wife of Nicolae Ceausescu’s brother, Gen. Ilie Ceausescu – a/n) stays in a 221 sq m apartment and pays 561.99 euro rent. PSD Senator Serban Nicolae is also on the RA-APPS tenants’ list. He is now engaged in litigation over the eviction of the apartment of three rooms plus one service room of 154.7 sq m for which the state charges him a monthly rent of EUR 699.54. On the list there are also former PRM MP Ilie Ilascu, former Deputy Prime Minister in the Roman Cabinet Gelu Voican Voiculescu, but also Mioara Roman, ex-PM Petre Roman’s ex-wife, who pays EUR 6,205 for 366 sq m. The list of tenants for whom the employing institution pays the rent for the work home includes president’s adviser Daniel Funeriu (a rent of RON 1,278 for 209 sq m) and Constitutional Court President Augustin Zegrean (who pays a rent of RON 1,168 for 185 sq m). PM Victor Ponta’s former state counsellor, currently ambassador for energy security, Mihnea Constantinescu, has kept his four-room apartment with an area of 149.35 sq m) for which he pays EUR 550.42 rent. But public officials are not the only ones on the list of RA-APPS tenants. According to the Government, pop singer Gabriel Cotabita also lives in a protocol apartment of three rooms, with an area of 78 sq m, for which he pays a monthly rent of EUR 216. Actress Rodica Mandache also stays in a 115 sq m apartment and pays EUR 393 per month. Adrian Paunescu’s son, the poet and performer Andrei Paunescu, also has a three-room 67.34 sq m apartment and pays EUR 185 monthly rent.Prior to publishing the list, PM Victor Ponta had said the total number of RA-APPS work homes should be reduced to 20 to 50 apartments reserved for state officials, plus some other ten protocol villas for the president of the republic, heads of Parliament and prime-minister. The rest of the assets – he said – should be sold. Reactions: Businessman Ion Tiriac says he bought the house where he lives from the lawful owner 15 years ago and that he has been paying rent to RA-APPS only for the land and two rooms. ‘The state demonstrated one ground floor and one basement room did not belong to the owner, so I am paying rent. I pay the rent set by Mr. Tariceanu when he passed the law for part of the land where the house is and which belongs to the state’, Tiriac . PDL MP Alexandru Nazare in his turn says his RA-PPS leased apartment was allocated to him as a work home in April 2012, when he was a minister and that now he is ‘in the process of renting a new home’.

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